The Afterlife Investigations

Narrated by Britain’s leading investigative Journalist – Donal MacIntyre — this award winning film presents four never before seen scientific investigations into life after death. The Scole Experiment: For five years a group of mediums and scientists witnessed more phenomena than in any other experiment in the history of the paranormal, including: recorded conversations with the dead, written messages on sealed film, video of spirit faces and even spirit forms materializing. Can the dead speak to the living via electronic devices like radios and tape recorders? Scientists investigating Italy’s most famous medium, Marcello Bacci, think so. In front of our cameras grieving parents weep as they hear the voices of their dead children emerge from his radio. The Electronic Voice Phenomenon. We investigate a woman who says she can record the voice of her son, twenty years after his death. We challenge a former NASA scientist to duplicate this claim in a laboratory. Did he succeed? Famed psychic, Allison Dubois, the inspiration for the hit TV show – Medium, is put to the test. As our cameras roll can she contact a leading researcher who tragically died during the production of this film? These experiments may finally convince you there is life after death.

15 comments to The Afterlife Investigations

  • dhurba gnawali  says:

    it looks like people with mental disease are gathering and doing some sort of hypothetial moves,totally waste of? time ,

  • The3rdPlateau  says:

    I think it’s kind of despicable that they’re charging money? in order for people to view this…make it free, please. People deserve to see this kind of footage free of charge.

  • Xolette  says:

    Although I believe in an afterlife, I couldn’t take this video seriously. To call what they did as science isn’t science at all. Having another scientist/magician say, “I can’t tell how they did it” isn’t proof of an afterlife, nor do I think these “experiments” had many controls. I think the simple fact they they asked for their own cameras to be used in the cellar and could? only use night vision when directed to shows that they’re hiding something.

  • whatchitnow  says:

    Like they said, there might be a different dimension of reality (experience with the crystal). It might have to do more with quantum physics than God. It might not even be anything paranormal but simply the side of physics we? still don’t understand.

  • preparadox  says:

    ps, everything? else I click on youtube is playing fine…

  • preparadox  says:

    the friggin movie won’t play after I PAID FOR IT> its been “loading” for 10 minutes!!!!!! how do I? get my money back?

  • Andrew Dunivan  says:

    I agree… sucks that no? one asked the most important questions of the biblical aspects. That leads me to believe it’s either fake or demonic. Only evil wouldn’t tell the truth of what really happens in order to deceive our perception.

  • Mihajlo Ljahovic  says:

    Too bad the authors never mentioned the topic of God, heaven or hell. ?

  • joshanator1  says:

    Thank you very? much nca777.

  • nca777  says:

    I’ve reported the playback bug…we’ll see if cut? support gets back to me

  • joshanator1  says:

    wow, that part about thomas edison my the hair on the back of my neck stand up!? lol

  • joshanator1  says:

    That woman who lost her son need’s to let go and? move on. She’s hanging on to a memory. Let him go already!

  • joshanator1  says:

    Telling a god damned ghost story IS? NOT PROOF!

  • joshanator1  says:

    Well I got about half way though it when it just stopped. would NOT? go past a certain point.

  • joshanator1  says:

    Jesus H Christ. Don’t they? have dentists in England? DAMN!

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