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The internet has not only made it easier to watch our favorite TV shows and movies, but has also made it possible to read reviews and make comments of our own.  While this has led to the advantage of being able to read “real world” reviews, some say it has also fewer good reviews being written. 


Before the internet there was actually a pretentiousness to some film reviews. They were something that you looked forward to reading in the Friday paper before the weekend and these reviews were generally written by those employed by agencies such as the Associated Press, the New York Times or the Los Angeles Times.  However, the internet has made everyone a critic. Regular people can no go watch a movie and post on their own blog what they think about it or people can visit movie websites and read reviews posted by other individuals just like them. 


It used to be said that most regular people wouldn’t like what a reviewer had written. This is because most people just want to watch a movie, while a critic examines every aspect of the film.  However, with reviews written by average people, others are able to get a better feel for a film and if they will truly like it.  On the other hand, reviews are no longer as detailed as they once were.  While an old review may have used a lot of prose in order to get the point across, most reviews today by everyday people are just one or two words such as “It was good” or “It sucked”.  Therefore, it is still important to not totally rely on the word of strangers, but rather use some of your own common sense to see if this movie is going to be something that you will truly enjoy. 


These reviews have also spread from the movie screen to the theatre world. In fact, it has even caused some theatre actresses to say that the internet is going to be the downfall of live theatre.  This is because so many people will just rely on the word of a stranger in the online world, rather than take the chance for themselves to see if the play is something they would enjoy.  As they put it, if you really love theatre, see everything and make up your own mind to whether it was any good or not, but don’t let someone else decide it for you. 


In addition, it is now possible to watch an entire play without actually stepping foot in a theatre.  With so many people armed with cameras, many people record a performance and then upload it.  While this could help some people decide whether or not to see a live performance, others may choose just to stay home. 


The internet has obviously changed the way we view the arts, but many times the good outweighs the bad.  We now have more ways than ever to watch trailers or previews and see what others have to say. 

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