Bruce Willis and James Garner are out to make a movie and solve a murder in Blake Edward’s SUNSET, the fictional adventures of two of America’s greatest real-life heroes.Willis (The Fifth Element, Die Hard) stars as Tom Mix – Hollywood’s hottest action-hero who’s been cast to play the legendary lawman Wyatt Earp. Trouble is, Earp (Garner, Twilight, Maverick) has been hired to work as a technical expert on the film – and this doesn’t sit too well with the big at-the-top-of-his-career movie star Mix. Even worse… Earp doesn’t take too well to movie moguls and the fancy studio life. So, Old West and New Hollywood collide and inadvertently become a vivid backdrop for one of the most shocking murder mysteries ever to scorch the silver screen. Come back to a lost time when movies were movies, murders were mayhem and heroes were just plain outrageous, in SUNSET… the action-packed adventure this side of Hollywood and Vine. It’s the truth, every word of it… give or take a lie or two! MPAA Rating: R © 1988 TriStar Pictures, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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