ShadowRock Battle Network 3 – Scenario 7 [2/3]

By some strange coincidence I realized I uploaded the same video twice and called it part 2… yaaaay? Well here’s the real one. In this part, we start hunting for the ranked navis. The gameplay here was actually broadcasted live on Twitch TV earlier. Considering that, there are a few things to note about the video in general: 1. The stream was actually broadcasted in standard definition (my mediocre internet connection doesn’t allow me to broadcast in HD without problems), so the video quality will be a bit on the not-so-good side. And before you say “why didn’t you use VBA’s recording feature”, well that’s because when I start recording, my emulator tends to lag while playing with the recording going, and since I was showing this live, I didn’t think the live stream viewers would’ve enjoyed that small lag fest. Perhaps for future streams I could work out a non-laggy way of recording amidst streaming. 2. The first few minutes in, the audio is echoed. This is because when I started streaming, I stupidly left the page for the channel (where it was being shown) open on my internet browser, so it gets mixed into the audio here. Thankfully a viewer pointed it out so I could fix it early on, but yeah… 3. I didn’t realize this until the stream was over, but the video is actually cropped off a bit on the sides, oops! Otherwise, enjoy. _______________________________________ Playlist Link: Show Link:

? ? Deep Focus – November 2010 – Artist Mix – Exclusively for Panda Drum N Bass TV ============== Panda presents Deep Focus. The 23-year old Londoner was signed to the American Velcro City Records and Point 9 Audio this year. He is one of the first Drum & Bass artists of the YouTube generation, as he started posting tracks on here years ago. Things worked out as his music has become a YouTube hit, appearing on many D&B channels such as Liquicity with some tracks reaching over 130000 plays. The name Deep Focus covers his sound quite well as his music is characterized by harmonic ambient chords, with a deep bass foundation and layered up on top with sharp, crystal clear beats. Unlike many other artists, his deep ambient sound does not become a simple gimmick as over time he keeps injecting enough colourful elements in to the music to keep things fresh for his listeners. In this artist-only Drum and Bass mix, Deep Focus blends 16 of his latest exclusives in less than 50 minutes. Lock in and leave your appreciation for Deep Focus in the comments! ?TRACKLISTING? 1 – Deep Focus – The Pianist [forthcoming Velcro City Records] 2 – Clarity – As Tears Go By [dub] 3 – Deep Focus – Vanished Into [dub] 4 – InContext – Movers & Shakers [VCR] 5 – InContext – Just Believe [VCR] 6 – Deep Focus – The Truth [dub] 7 – Deep Focus – The Pianist (Clarity Remix) [forthcoming VCR] 8 – Deep Focus – Sewer Rat [forthcoming VCR] 9 – Deep Focus – 44212 [forthcoming VCR] 10 – Galaktic Knights
Video Rating: 4 / 5

17 comments to ShadowRock Battle Network 3 – Scenario 7 [2/3]

  • Tvhouse1  says:

    you should give shadowrock a custom model so he does not look like a? purple megaman LOOOOL

  • FroodTreeXD  says:

    If anyone has the? podcast app on their phone, they’ll need to subscribe to pandadnb.

  • deyker Millan  says:

    Yeah? baby!

  • DRUMnBASS56  says:

    NIce one?

  • Natriumcitrate55  says:

    annotations on/off?

  • jazda200  says:

    Awsome Mate !!!! CRAZYYYYY!!!!

  • CWBrxp  says:

    Very Spiritual! Awsome mix!!!Best? wishes!

  • ivailovip  says:

    the best? drum and bass mix ever!

  • CarnifaxMachine  says:

    Remove annotations genius.?

  • DurexDurpaneu2  says:

    25:22 track? name now!!!!!! pls for the love of fuck!!!

  • DurexDurpaneu2  says:

    25:22… oooooohhhhhh!!!! brrraaaah!? brrrraaaaaah!

  • Ravenxw  says:

    how about closing? all of this s**t? :O huh?…

  • AdmiralBunBuN  says:

    >not? hiding annotations

  • borbotroth  says:

    Turn annotations? off genius

  • inteLStylezTV  says:

    hey whats the namesong at? 11:00?

  • DjKillaLive  says:

    Hey guys i just wanted to ask you for a short favor? I am a new dj who does all kinds of mixes (Drum and Bass, Hardstyle, Dubstep…) and I know there are a lot of people like me its annoying when we beg for views but it would mean so much if you would check out my new dnb & dubstep mix, since i have no money for advertisements all i can do is this. Thanks for reading this? and sorry for annoying you with this.

  • Kuroi7  says:

    atube catcher…just have to copy n past the url and…. enjoy the music! U can choose to dwnld the track as mp3 at 320kbps (48000 Hz).? Remember to switch on the HD mode on each program! 😉 BLESsSs

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