Scottish Footy Fans: Would you agree that Celtic needs Rangers?

Question by Dylan O’Cuana: Scottish Footy Fans: Would you agree that Celtic needs Rangers?

@ JaMie I think Celtic Fans should listen more because they could be in this situation in the future just look at Portsmouth.

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Answer by JaMie
Celtic fans won’t but they also won’t admit that Rangers are the most successful Scottish club nor will they admit that the Pope is just a creep with a big hat

No, Celtic don’t do admitting

and we “don’t do walking away”.

This is just one of the differences that make Rangers simply the best

OK, i will explain. Now Tatty defends his team well. I would insist Rangers could cope if it were the other way around. But that’s not the case and Tatty knows it

Tatty’s point is that Celtic would only lose out about 2 million (id say closer to 4 but still) and can cope with that. Fair enough

But EVERY OTHER CLUB WOULD ALSO LOSE 2-4 MILLION POUNDS A YEAR. How would losing millions effect Hearts, Dundee United, St mirren and all the other teams. Probably a significant effect. It could even tip some of those teams into admin themselves. So there you go, 11 out of 12 clubs would be DIRECTLY effected.

If 11 clubs all fell significantly, then it’s only natural that the one sole club capable of operating without Rangers would be pulled down by such a big reduction in standard.

So yes, Tatty is partly right. Celtic could cope without Rangers, but THEY COULD NOT COPE with EVERY OTHER CLUB BEING SERIOUSLY EFFECTED. They would therefore be indirectly effected.

Celtic have handled their finances very well, they have no control over Rangers’ spending but unfortunately for them they ARE tied to Rangers’ success

Also, without Rangers you can halve Scotland’s coefficient which would effectively mean NO Champions League EVER for Celtic

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6 comments to Scottish Footy Fans: Would you agree that Celtic needs Rangers?

  • depressed Bear  says:

    and jamie ur just a creep full stop….

    why would celtic need rangers? instead of one sentence carry on and tell ….

  • Tatty  says:

    To be honest, Jamie talks shite at the best of times, Dylan.

    You know the most annoying and arrogant thing about this whole scenarios is, that it is always “Do think Celtic needs Rangers” what about Hibs, Hearts, Aberdeen, etc why is it supposedly just Celtic it will affect.

    I do not see why Celtic do “need” Rangers, I am not saying things won’t be affected and change, but the demise of one team, does not mean the demise of Celtic or for that matter Scottish football. Rangers fans “need” to get over how important they think they are to us in the grand scheme of things, I’m sure Celtic could survive quite easily, the amount of revenue received by Celtic that can be directly related to Rangers each season is minimal. Yes, season ticket sales could be affected, yes, TV revenue could be affected, but we have a big enough support and TV revenue in Scotland is a fcuking joke at the best of times (about £2m+ a season).

    I have not really heard a strong argument from any Rangers fan or anyone, about why Celtic and Scottish football could not survive without Rangers, bar the extremely short sighted “man down the pub” type arguments, so full of arrogance and cliches, it is becoming grating hearing them over and over again.

    Saying all that, I very much doubt this question will ever be tested, as I do not believe that Rangers will be Liquidated.

    Jamie – Thanks for finally admitting it. Celtic “DO NOT NEED RANGERS”, that is all most of us have been saying all along. We are all aware that it will have an effect on Celtic and Scottish Football as a whole, if Rangers went out of business and we would have to change our business strategies, but we would still exist, so technically “CELTIC DO NOT NEED RANGERS”.

    I am sure new TV coverage and revenue, would be found from somewhere, yes it will probably be at a reduced rate to the current deal, but some money would trickle back in. The other general arrogance from Rangers fans is that people only watch or buy Sky for the Four Old Firm games, what a complete and utter load of garbage. I buy SKY/ESPN to watch Celtic, much the same as I imagine your average Rangers fan buys SKY/ESPN. Surely though, fans of other teams might be more inclined to pay for SKY/ESPN etc if Rangers went out of business and there was an increase in the amount of live games featuring Hibs, Hearts, Aberdeen, Dundee Utd, rather than the evident bias towards Celtic and Rangers at present.

    No-one knows how the dynamics of Scottish Football would be effected, short term, it always seems to be related to the TV revenue, but who knows in the longer term, might other teams thrive, might the league become more competitive, will Celtic run away with it, might other teams gain “Dead Huns” as supporters (whether or not this is a good thing or other teams actually want this, I don’t know!), all I know is that “CELTIC DO NOT NEED RANGERS”.

  • Caine7SFG  says:

    We already have ball boys..So no we don’t..Do rangers need Celtic…Tell me why we do if you believe so..

  • Allan  says:

    Jaime it’s easy to be simply the best if you decide to not pay the tax man and decide to pay over inflated players wages instead. It’s a credit to Celtic that they have stayed so close to the huns during their time of cheating Her Majesty out of her taxes for their own gain. They certainly can’t call themselves the Queen’s 11 any more, can there be anything more despicable than stealing from the Sovereign? In the good old days of old the lot of them would have been hung drawn and quartered.

    Oh to answer the question, Celtic would be just fine without that mob, we can always find something else to laugh at.

  • drjimbillybob  says:

    The old firm need each other to be taken seriously. If Rangers are liquidated and Celtic go on to win 20,000,000 in a row none of their title wins will be taken seriously as there was no team to seriously challenge them.

  • Gemma  says:

    Don’t need them .. I am so ashamed of them the shame they have brought upon Scotland this week… They beggar belief they really do ….Can’t keep talking time to party By the way next time you hear these clowns singing God Save The Queen keep in mind they don’t like paying her taxes
    As I said Scotlands Shame

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