Samsung HD Camcorder Reviews 2010

Samsung HD Camcorder Reviews 2010

Samsung camcorders have always had a good name for innovation, reliability and low price, so it should come as no surprise that the latest release, the Samsung HMX-T10 digital video camcorder records in full 1080p resolution, the highest quality available in high definition camcorders today.

Recordings made in Full HD resolution retain their incredible image intensity when they are viewed on Full HD TVs and monitors, giving you, your friends and your family a more enjoyable viewing experience.

Compact slim size & Stylish design

The Samsung T10 hd digital camcorder has a lightweight body and ultra compact size, making it ideal as a mini pocket cam with a smooth upward slanting front lens which gives it a more natural feel when recording and less wrist strain.

CMOS Sensor

An advanced 1/4″ 5.1M Pixel rear illuminated sensor in the new Samsung T10 pocket cam provides twice the sensitivity of conventional CMOS Sensors reducing image noise and distortion and giving sharp video and brilliant still photos even in low light conditions.

Capture Photo still image while recording video

Samsung camcorders have continued the innovation in this new model by allowing vibrant still photos of 2M pixels to be taken even while recording full HD video.

2.7″ Touch LCD

By leveraging the latest in LCD display technology, the touch panel delivers clean, crisp images that are saturated with natural color and deep, dynamic detail, enabling you to shoot with enhanced comfort and confidence in any external light condition. This is not only good for framing your shots to check for clean crisp images while recording, but also useful when playing back your shots.

10x Optical Zoom

Samsung camcorders have an optical zoom for clarity and stability, far superior to digital zooms, and the new T10 hd digital camcorder has a 10x optical zoom to get closer to the action without degrading the picture quality.

Optical Image Stabilization

The new Samsung T10 digital video camcorder has an improved smart optical image stabilizer to compensate for any body movement or hand shake while recording, giving you the perfect shot even without using a tripod.

All of these innovative features make the new Samsung T10 pocket cam a worthy addition to the wide range of high definition camcorders which Samsung Camcorders have become famous and respected for, from the very successful U20 and E10 HD pocket cam, C20 Ultra Compact, the F40 ultra-zoom, and through the full range of camcorders right up to the new S16 64GB model with WiFi and DLNA wireless connectivity, an 18x Zoom and a 3.5″ WVGA Touch screen LCD for the serious Videographer.

The full range of Samsung camcorders totals 26, many new 2010 models and all at very attractive discounted prices, which can be viewed on one site of Samsung Camcorder Reviews


Art Speck is an experienced Video Guy and Social Videographer having worked for 30 years in the business.

Being retired gives him time to enjoy his passion for video cameras and in particular high definition camcorders.

The year 2010 is Digital HD Camcorder Year, with every major manufacturer bringing out new, low cost HD camcorders with an enormous amount of new technology which may be difficult understand, so it will be wise to read lots of articles like this one to explain the choices between features, brands, formats and all the other terms.

There is no one better to learn all about HD camcorders than from someone with a wealth of experience in the business such as Art Speck.

His Website specializes only in camcorders, over 150 in all, giving a full review of every HD Camcorder available in 2010, in plain, simple to understand language, from Pocket Cams, Family Camcorders, Consumer Camcorders, Prosumer Camcorders and Professional camcorders.

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