Q&A: What is the correct way to dispose of a TV?

Question by jugghayd: What is the correct way to dispose of a TV?
I have a 22″ TV which works for about 5 minutes, and then the sound slowly gets lower and lower until you can’t hear it anymore. We have another TV so I don’t want to pay to fix it. What’s the best, safest way to throw out a TV?
And no, I’m not just sitting on the volume button.

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Answer by superdork
What I did was bring it to a TV repair shop, dropped it off and asked the guy to give me a call when he knows how much it was going to cost to fix it. I had to put a deposit down just in case I don’t come to pick it up, and he need to dispose it. So, I didn’t pick it up, and he disposed of it for me.

The best way is probably to just call a TV repair shop and ask if it’s possible for them to dispose it for you. I’m pretty sure that a TV has a lot of heavy metals that can be disastrous to the environment.

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3 comments to Q&A: What is the correct way to dispose of a TV?

  • J. P.  says:

    This weekend, set it outside on a table. Put a sign on it,,”Free TV”. Someone will pick it up, explain it has a minor problem, they may want to have it repaired.

  • dymps  says:

    Televisions sets, like computer monitors, need to be disposed of quickly as both have CRT (Cathode Ray Tubes or Picture tubes) that are harmful to the body.

    The presence of lead in the CRT that may come from a landfill to household water can cause immense damage to human health and our environment.

    For more detailed instructions as to how to dispose of a TV set click the link below.

  • cdxx420  says:

    look in your local paper to see if anyone collects used electronics. or do what that other person said, put it in your yard with a free sign, someone will take it. All you have to do to use it is hook it up to a cable box or satellite reciever and run the red and white audio cables from the reciever to a stereo or surround sound system. then you don’t have to worry about the tv sound at all. perfectly good working tv…

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