Q&A: How do I find sleep talking in my recorded audio?

Question by Magicalstar123: How do I find sleep talking in my recorded audio?
I recorded myself sleeping (just audio) and I want to find myself talking on it. Is there anyway to do this without searching the 7 hour audio. Can I use real player, itunes or, window media player to do so? Thanks!

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Answer by iridflare
Use something like Audacity to open the audio file – you should be able to see the peaks in the waveform where you’re talking. If you snore as well that’s going to pose problems!

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  • magu2k  says:

    You are not likely to see the peaks of a 7 hour audio file unless you zoom in quite a bit. Probably so much it will tkae 8 hours to look at it. And it’s difficult to say how loud the sounds are in your recording, if there are any. One suggestion you may try, at risk of cutting out a sound you wanted to hear is Adobe Audition, I know from version 2 and up, have a *Delete Silence* feature. However, an important variable here is the volume of any sound you made. You don’t want to cut it out by mistake. And almost any kind of processing on a 7 hour wave file will take a long time. My suggestion, do as the pros do. Listen to it all. Maybe boost the volume, or if you can (Again dependent on volume levels in the recording) with Adobe Audition, you can zoom in.. using ALT – and ALT = this makes the waveform LOOK like you really increased the volume but is not actually changing anything about the audio, but may offer improved viewing of the audio. Note (Esp for anyone who mistakes what it means) this does not stretch or expand the audio file horizontally, only vertical to VISUALLY stretch out the volumetric/power axis of the waveform.

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