Q&A: HDMI/HDMI cable questions, need good facts plz :)?

Question by Klemen Erjavec: HDMI/HDMI cable questions, need good facts plz :)?
Hello, id like to ask a few questions about HDMI plugin/cable by number priority’s lower being higher.

1. If i connect from PC(graphic card) HDMI to TV(supports HDMI) HDMI using HDMI/HDMI cable, will it be able to show windows on TV screen (not just movies/pics) like desktop and normally working/operating with windows just like on monitor/LCD via mouse/keyboard?

2. I have gold plated HDMI installed in graphic card, does this mean i must have only gold plated HDMI plugins or normal ones work same? (TV HDMI has normal plugin installed)

3. Not only i wanna watch pics/movies from bed on TV with HDMI, but id like to operate windows normally just like on monitor/LCD as mentioned previously via mouse (its got strong range i tested from bed to PC… btw TV and PC are about 2m away from each others just a note.)

4. Does audio work as normal as video, cuz ive heard u gotta get an extra pin for the sound and its more expensive, but only a rumor ive read.

5. Do i need HDMI adapter? Will this all work normally just with cables plugged :)?

Hope its not too much questions but i really dont wanna miss anything im new at this, u can answer in small forms like yes/no, just so i can be sure; please all answers welcomed.

P.S. please if ive missed anything i dont know about this let me know with further details

Thanks alot.

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Answer by lare
5. adaptor? if its already HDMI at both ends, no adaptor is needed
4. Audio? most computers have DVI output, not HDMI. its the same connector so many people get confused. DVI works the same as HDMI and uses the same plugs, but DVI does not have imbedded audio on the digital stream. you don’t get digital audio by adding a pin. check the specs on your graphics card.
3. many TVs have 2 or 3 HDMI inputs, use one for the Blu-ray and another for the computer. if you have to share a single input, then you need a data switch or unplug cables.
2. gold plating eliminates the problem of corrosion building up on the connectors if they are left in permanently. so yes, get gold plated cable ends.
1. yes, however you may have to designate the HDMI out as a second monitor, you may need the specs on your graphics card to know how to toggle between second or primary monitor, but usually the windows control panel is self explanatory.

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