Q&A: better off with comcast’s cable or buy my own?

Question by iloveshoes: better off with comcast’s cable or buy my own?
When comcast comes and install cable tv/internet for you, they use their own cable. how high of a quality is there’s? Should i just keep on to their’s or is it better if i go buy a more expensive cable with a higher qaulity?

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Answer by Joseph F
Comcast (or whoever) are always going to install the lowest cost, lowest quality cable that STILL GIVES THE BEST PICTURE with their signal. That’s common sense!

So don’t waste your money!

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  • PoohBearPenguin  says:

    What’s more important is that you or they are running RJ6 from the cable box outside, all the way to your TV(s) or other devices. If you simply plug into the existing cabling in your house, chances are that’s RJ5, which will result in degraded picture quality depending on the actual cabling layout in your house.

    Unless you live in side a microwave radar dish, RJ6 is RJ6. Buying those ridiculously expensive AV cables from companies like Monster don’t actually result in higher signal quality – just higher credit card bills.

  • link  says:

    I’d be surprised if Comcast would cheap out on the installation by using a low quality cable. The cost difference isn’t that significant compared to sending out the installation tech and having him run the cable, possibly through walls or under your house. If you later complain of poor quality signals due to a cheap cable, they’d just have to send out a tech again, at their own expense, It wouln’t make good business sense.

    Just use their cable.

  • jason  says:

    PoohBear’s right on the money. RG6 is RG6. If you for some reason feel that you need to replace the cables that your cable company installed, for pete’s sake, do NOT buy Monster.

    Monoprice.com is where you want to go. Great cables at great prices. For our recent HD upgrade, I bought 3 2m HDMI 1.3 cables from Monoprice for $ 13 each. Those same cables from Monster are $ 80-100 each. Same goes for the RG6 cables I picked up from them for about $ 2 each. Don’t spend $ 10-12 or more for RG6 cables. This of course assumes you actually need new cables.

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