Perfect match in “Sex and the city2”

Perfect match in “Sex and the city2”

After two years of waiting, ‘Sex and the City 2’ was finally on May 27th release in North America first, even if Carrie and friends who grow old, but the spirit of fashion can never be forgotten. People love this classic fashion show at this time will give fans what surprise? Let us glimpse of the heroine in the new season, four of Fashion in New York to Abu Dhabi from the fashion feast to us it.

Sequel, the four female lead through the traditional role of marriage, motherhood, and the monotonic relationship, but also because of work and family balance and loss of self-worth, finally set foot on to Abu Dhabi luxury travel, the trip also rekindled their passion for life and a new interpretation of the friendship.

Generally speaking, the new season is still fashion-centric,but it is different and before, the first in fashion design more around just from Proenza Schouler, Lanvin, Ala?a, Oscar de la Renta, christian Louboutin etc. designer Vivienne Westwood’s wedding dress design or design; the sequel is to make each set of fashion and style are consistent with the character of the protagonists.

Abu Dhabi travel in the sequel, the stylist Patricia Field has been from the Middle East, Morocco, India and the Middle Ages inspired the movie, and they are compatible with each different personality, so that the fusion of fashion and the role of seamless, the role itself has become part of fashion.

Before the movies, I even feel uneasy. 2008 “Sex and the City” the first play out there from the TV series ended four years. They clearly see the old actress – concealing wrinkles and dull skin, is feeling relentless years. This year’s Kim Cattrall plays Samantha, 54 years old, Sarah Jessica Parker plays Carrie’s and play Charlotte’s Kristin Davis 45 years old, playing Miranda’s Cynthia Nixon 44 years of age.SJP’s Botox (a kind of plastic surgery) will not be too obvious? Kim Cattrall’s arm, will not be too loose?

“Age is just numbers, as long as a young heart”,they said.

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