Nice Radio photos

A few nice radio images I found:

jean nouvel, danish radio concert hall, 2002-2009
Image by seier+seier
danish radio concert hall, copenhagen, denmark 2002-2009.
architect: jean nouvel (b.1945).

in the dark (and we have a lot of darkness here), nouvel’s building comes alive, telling everyone passing by that they must see this.

a stitch of two photos.

Enregistrement pour Radio-Contact
Image by saigneurdeguerre
Europe Europa
Belgique België Belgien Belgium Belgica
Bruxelles Brussel Brüssel Bruxelas Brussels
Saint-Louis 2
Radio Contact (102.2)

Jaklin Corman interroge les enfants à propos de la Toussaint et de la Fête des Morts.

Airline Tele-Dial Radio
Image by The Rocketeer
Montgomery Wards Airline 1936 Tele-Dial AM/SW radio. From a time before FM… before LP… before 8-track… before Cassette… before CD… before MP3…

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