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20 comments to LOSSES – (A Short Action Film)

  • anthemofadam  says:

    I liked it but the lead who killed everyone didn’t walk like he could shoot
    someone :P?

  • BlueNight Productions  says:

    What happened to 2k??

  • IL1KE2COMM3NT  says:

    You could tell this was one of Connolly’s earlier films, it needed a lot of
    tightening up in the editing room. Too many shots that could’ve slashed a
    couple frames and added to the pacing. Script was also pretty cliche, but I
    managed to get through it ok. Not bad, but definitely shows signs of an
    early attempt?

  • A Morales  says:

    The only thing that sucked about this short film is the poor audio quality.
    Over all it was alright.?

  • Zolipsist  says:

    Camera was too shaky for me. ?

  • carmavisuals  says:

    Hi. Just released the trailer for my debut film. Shot it on a Canon T3i and
    the budget wasn’t high but I hope you like it, I appreciate any critiques.?

  • ahmad1133  says:

    what camera is used in the film ? can the canon 5d mark iii give this
    quality of work ? thanks a lot ?

  • tommy lau  says:

    There wasnt any shell casing sounds :(?

  • SmartFilmProjects  says:

    Nice :D?

  • Chris Lang  says:

    I get asked what I do with my Google TV all the time.

    *Plain and simple, I watch YouTube videos from the couch on a darn big TV.*

    Tons of film quality shorts like this one, just search “Short Films” on
    YouTube to find them. Then wonder why you pay your cable bill some days.

    *Why Not Go Find Your Favorite Short Film and Share it with my now?*

    #GoogleTV #GoogleTVAmbassador #GoogleTVAmbassadors ?

  • marlinfan1995  says:

    Just found out I live pretty dang close to where this was shot lol?

  • Sugarloaf Mountain Films  says:

    Love your instructional videos guys. But make more use of a tripod.?

  • Christopher Meid  says:

    This makes all my job interviews seem absolutely tame… Granted, I never
    interviewed to be a hitman…?

  • FunnyVsTV  says:

    one of my all time favorite films! great shots and acting!
    i just made a new film if anyone doesnt mind checking it out??

  • JP Kloess  says:

    I strongly dislike it when film leave so much of the story open to
    interpretation by the viewer. For example: who was this organization, what
    is the “hero”‘s back story, and what did he do after shooting everyone?
    This seems very common among short films. It’s undoubtedly supposed to be
    “artistic”, but it ends up just being lazy. However, the shots, saturation,
    effects and overall look of this film was very good.?

  • Jason Fisk  says:

    Watch in 2k by selecting “Original”. WATCH FULL SCREEN!

    Losses is a short film Written/Directed/Shot/Edited by Film Riot’s Ryan
    Connolly (http://www.twitter.com/ryan_connolly). Shot for less than $200 in
    an extremely short amount of time, with only friends and family
    volunteering to help out as the crew! Losses is an exercise in how
    professional a project can be with as little resources as possible.

    The one major advantage the production had was the Red Epic to shoot with,
    which was loaned to us by the awesome Eric Kessler of Kessler Crane! (

  • Brian Brushwood  says:

    Dude, our boys from Film Riot SLAY it in their new short film “Losses” –

    What do you think??

  • Christopher Butler  says:

    The guys from Film Riot were given a RED EPIC camera for a couple of weeks
    to play around with. This short film, *Losses,* is the result. Pretty

    PS- Film Riot is pretty much the best video podcast in the world. If you’re
    interested at all in filmmaking, its an absolute must-subscribe (go,
    subscribe right now. Seriously.). Even if you’re not into filmmaking,
    you’ll love this podcast. The guys are funny as hell.?

  • Cheryl Allin  says:

    Wow, pretty fabulous for an ‘amateur’ short film! Ultra violent!?

  • Justin Young  says:

    Check out the super dope short action film Losses by +Ryan Connolly.
    Quality work by awesome people.

    LOSSES – (A Short Action Film)?

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