19 comments to How To Install A Car Audio Capacitor

  • TheSchlippsters  says:

    i have a 2013 sedan civic
    with the Kenwood eXcelon XR900-5 Amp
    Alpine SPR 60 & 60C Speakers
    JBL GT5-2402BR 12″ Subs
    What capacitor should i get and wires to go along with it please? any suggestions? ?

  • SonicElectronixTV  says:

    Then all you need is to put the capacitor in line with the power wire of the amplifier, no need for a “high performance” distribution block,? whatever that means.

  • nazirisk  says:

    Thanks for? your reply. I’ve got a Boss capacitor and the suggested wiring by Boss is through a High performance distribution block. By multiple devices I dont think you mean an amplifier and a capacitor. Cause the Boss wiring diagram it has only that.(My system is just like that, an amplifier and a capacitor). I really appreciate your help.

  • SonicElectronixTV  says:

    Capacitors will not help you, they will only drain your system more. You need to upgrade? your alternator and add a secondary battery.

  • carforumwanker  says:

    never use these. These are? fitted by idiots for idiots .

  • MrTpengineer  says:

    Ok, well the capacitor is? already hooked up and working fine. It does make sense that, that is what its for. It hasn’t bothered my electrical at all.

  • SonicElectronixTV  says:

    The resistor is used to charge? the capacitor before connecting it to your system. There are tutorials online explaining how to do this.

  • SonicElectronixTV  says:

    You should get a distribution block any time you need to power multiple devices. There is little difference between running with or without a distribution block other than convenience of connection and? increased safety.

  • nazirisk  says:

    Is a power? distribution really necessary? Boss recommends it. Whats the difference between your connection and through a power distribution connection? Cheers!

  • MrTpengineer  says:

    My capacitor came with a small resistor, what is that for? I haven’t seen it in any other capacitor kits. I didn’t use it because? even the manual that came with it said nothing about it.

  • Chris Taylor  says:

    I have three amplifiers? in my car, 2 1000W fusion amps and a 1800W fusion amp. Can I hook all three of these to one capacitor ? I have them all installed individually and correctly but there is way to much drain on my battery, I cant drive at night.

  • Doof3rproductions  says:

    Where do I plug the remote turn on? wire to make my capacitor turn off when my truck is shutoff?

  • SonicElectronixTV  says:

    A capacitor is going to be a drain on your system. It shouldn’t be an issue but it will drain away at? your battery very slowly over time, especially the cheaper capacitors.

  • SonicElectronixTV  says:

    No need, you can add a secondary? battery if you want.

  • trujay2  says:

    did you try? recharging it?

  • CvillediamondD  says:

    My? capacitor doesn’t give any reading it only reading zero doesn’t flash anymore and stays on when i turn the power off whats the problem HELP me PLEASE……

  • Alexis Sanchez  says:

    Hi there i have an jl? 700 5ch amp and i was wondering if i should put one of this to the amp thanx.

  • SonicElectronixTV  says:

    We don’t recommend it, it is always better to run the amp and cap grounds? separately. You can ground to the same location if you want.

  • daytona1445  says:

    Since a cap is wired directly to the battery would there be any issue with having one on a car that is only driven a couple times a week around town? I know this type of driving isn’t really good for most batteries? but will a cap make it worse?

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