How do you trace or track down a radio signal?

Question by AP answers: How do you trace or track down a radio signal?
If i am in contact with a radio, how can I trace the location of the radio? Is there a way to geolocate a radio signal. I dont have any of the radios information, and am and will be unable to get any information regarding the equipment. However, I am in communications with that radio. How would I go about being able to find where the radio is located? Is there any sort of special equipment that I can use to geolocate it?

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Answer by Numbat
This problem has exercised the minds of many government departments over the years. It’s simplest if the station transmits it’s own co-ordinates. This is the way it’s done with cellphones which use GPS to locate themselves:

Otherwise you will need to resort to radio- direction finding:

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