How do I straighten out an old roll of film for scanning?

Question by Mr Snaps: How do I straighten out an old roll of film for scanning?
This is a 35 mm slide film about 30 years old. I really want to minimize damage. I have a scanner which can scan 35 mm film (strips of upto 5 frames) and can also scan plastic/ cardboard frames that are used for holding single frames of 35mm slide film.

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Answer by Beth
If it is black and white, it should be safe to thread it back onto a developing spool and swish it about in some photo-flo for 5 mins or so, then hang it to dry in a dust-free area whith a weight at the bottom. Don’t heat it or it will curl at the edges.

The spool is important to prevent the film from scratching itself as you swish it around.

Once it’s dry, cut it and put the strips in negative sleeves and store in a dust-free binder or other container.

If it’s colour, I’m not sure, but I don’t think it would hurt to try the same method- just check on the photo-flo to make sure it’s safe for colour.

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