How can I transfer audio from a computer to a tape recorder?

by p_kirn

Question by neligl: How can I transfer audio from a computer to a tape recorder?
The audio is in my computer It will be nice to have it on my tape recorder so I can listen to it when I’m at the gym.

How did it get to my computer? A friend who had a tape recorder downloaded all the class lectures on my computer so I can listen to them. Now I have my own tape recorder , since I don’t carry my computer around, having the audio in my tape recorder will be helpful.

I don’t have a manual for my tape recorder…I lost it

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Answer by tomol
Your computer will have various sockets, some of which are audio input and others are audio output, usually called Phono or RCA. Other alternatives are jack sockets for mono or stereo audio. You must find connecting cables suitable for connecting the PC to the recorder. You must then identify the audio output socket – consult your PC manual. Connect up the devices. Start the audio simultaneously with the recorder.

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