How can I start off my personal statement for film and media studies?

Question by Secret Mary 101: How can I start off my personal statement for film and media studies?
I want to study film and media studies but I dont know how I can start my personal statement. HELP

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Answer by redheadsrock;)
you could start with a film quote from for example a hugely influential film or your favourite film of a film quote about the importance of film. For example you could say “His whole life was a million to one shot” from Rocky and say that films have the power to inspire and motivate their audiences. And by seeing a character that they can relate to, such as Rocky, who has had a hard life, succeed then it can help them to reach their own goals. You could bring in stats about movie audiences vs tv audiences and talk about the importance of film in relation to different types of media.
Or you could talk about what you personally love film with or without the help of a quote. Personally I’m a film fan because movies are the ultimate escapism. They can take you across and beyond the world, into the past, present and future. In the space of a day you can fly across the universe in star trek, gallop across the wild west with John Wayne and fall in love with Brad Pitt. They are fantastic and can take you amazing places. I guess you just have to find a way of getting you passion for film and media studies across as well as explaining why you wan to study them.
Good Luck!!

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