How can I get better audio on my camera?

Question by MikaëlW: How can I get better audio on my camera?
I’m making an amateur short film, and I’m not going to purchase an expensive camera. I will use a Sony DCR-SX44 to record, and unfortunately it does not have external microphone input. Is there anyway to record the audio separately and still get the audio synced with the video? If not is there any way to get better audio?

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Answer by Little Dog
Audio Field recorder. What’s your budget?

Zoom H2, H4… Alesis also makes several audio-only field recorders. So do Edirol, Tascam, M-Audio, Sony Professional, Marantz and many others make audio field recorders, too.

When you import the video for editing, import the audio from the field recorder. Sync the audio. Mute the audio that came in with the video…

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