Help i want to buy the new samsung led tv?

Question by Lambo-Chris: Help i want to buy the new samsung led tv?
So i want to buy the samsung led tv it’s amazing i want the 8 series. I currently have a samsung 50 1080p dlp tv ive had it for about 2 years now.

I have the money, but do you think i should wait to see what black friday has to offer?, and would this tv be future proof for like the new gaming systems to be out soon?

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Answer by Kenneth
I think that would be a good investment, However waiting till black friday is always tempting the deals are so much better, even if you do not find the savings you would like on black friday you will still be able to go out and purchase the tv you want!

As for being future proof I do not think a company will ever design their televisions, or gaming equipment to be future proof. I think that is the name of the game the companies work hand in hand to make changes so that we the consumer have to go out and spend more money on their products.

I hope this helps you to make a decision, sorry I am so long winded.

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