Hanane EL fadili – 100 % Funny th best ever

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Tu-91 made its first flight on 2 November 1954. Crew: Two (Pilot and Observer) Length: 17.70 m Wingspan: 16.40 m Height: 5.06 m Wing area: 47.5 m² Empty weight: 8000 kg Max. takeoff weight: 14400 kg Powerplant: 1 × Isotov TV2M turboprop, 5709 kW Maximum speed: 800 km/h (flight-tested to speeds as fast as 760 km/h and altitudes as high as 6500m) Cruise speed: 250-300 km/h Range: 2350 km Service ceiling: 11000 m Armament Guns: 2 × 23mm NR-23 cannon with 100 rounds each in wing roots 2 × 23mm ) NR-23 cannon in a DK-15 remotely controlled tail barbette Bombs: up to 1500 kg of bombs, rockets or a single torpedo
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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3 comments to Hanane EL fadili – 100 % Funny th best ever

  • wingmaker10  says:

    vraiment? hanane tu ne finis pas de nous surprendre, tu dis la vérité tout en nous faisant rire, tu es nôtre roumanov
    merci pour l’avoir publié,je connaissais pas ce sketch

  • Younes Berrada  says:


  • borhan yassine  says:

    she s? the best ever

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