Does canada have censored radio?

Question by Statue Of: Does canada have censored radio?
Does canada have censored radio?
(another way to say it) Does Canada have regulations on swearing on the radio?

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Answer by Randy B
Yes, there are standards as to what can be said on public airwaves just as there are in the US. Satellite radio and online radio broadcasts are different in that swearing can take place generally without repercussions.

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3 comments to Does canada have censored radio?

  • old lady  says:

    Sure. Almost all radio stations have a bleeper, so swearing can be taken out. That said, what counts as swearing seems to have changed and there are a number of words which are permitted, but which I would rather not hear as frequently as I do.

  • Boston Blend.  says:

    When ‘The Osbournes’ were on Canadian tv a few years ago, none of the swearing was ‘bleeped’ and we heard Ozzy and family in all their glory, but I have never heard swearing on the radio in Canada, it is always censored.

  • J.J.'s Advice / Avis de J.J.  says:

    There are regulations in effect. At certain times of day, with an appropriate warning of listener discretion and on shows that aren’t aimed at children, swearing may be permitted. Generally radio stations just avoid swearing since it’s extra work to make sure you’re complying with the regulations on mature content, and it may offend some listeners.

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