Digital broadcast television

Digital broadcast television

Digital broadcast television is a television with a binary code 0 and 1. Image quality is very good compared to the analog Television. Digital Video Broadcast DVB, or can be called the broadcast through various media such as, satellite, cable, mobile waves or terestrial wave. Many countries that have not been using this technology for digital television broadcasting, the state that has a digital television only the United States, the possibility of countries in Asia will begin broadcasting digital television in this year 2011. DVB adopted by many European countries but DVB is not the only digital television technology, there are several technologies such as digital television Advanced Television System Committee (ATSC), Digital Multi-media Broadcasting (DMB) and Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting (ISDB).

Benefits of using digital television system is the resulting picture quality is not affected by weather conditions, location and strength of the signal beam. Therefore see the benefits of this technology will replace analog television technology that is at this time. In addition, siran able to receive digital television by digital devices that have the ability to receive digital television. Quality sound and images can reach 1980 – 1080 pixels which means that the resulting picture quality is HD or High Definition. In fact standard for the computer at this time only 1024 – 768 pixels.

To enjoy this television then you have to use devices that support or television capable of receiving digital television broadcast, but if you do not have television then you are able to use converter to change the digital signal into analog signals. Antenna to capture the digital signal is a UHF antenna to use. As I mentioned earlier that the digital television sound very good because not only can remove the stereo sound but can only vote 5 issue: 1. the use of digital signal is also very efficient because the waves used analog television can be used up to 8 can be used by broadcast digital television.

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