Combat Arms Top 5 Plays – Week Four!

Fourth episode of UCD’s Top Five Plays for Combat Arms Use the Shoutbox, Like! ? Click “Like” and “Favorite” if you like this video. Helps us make more! Tell us what you think in the comments below. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Hey guys UCD here with my fourth episode of my Top Five Plays. This is a weekly series were I show the best five kill(s) that were sent to me! Rules *papa clips are allowed *no hacking *no glitching *No Junk Flee OMA *No Spec clips *No editing *360p quality+ How to join: *Submit as Video response *In info have IGN *One play per person per week Music by Jedborg! Template by zSnoopyy: =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= What is WAY?? How do I get more views on YouTube? ? TGN grew from 0-10 million in 5 months and shares how in this handbook! TGN servers live on the OneWire Cloud TGN Website ? TGN on Facebook ? http TGN on Google+ ? TGN on Twitter ? TGN on YouTube ? WAY? (We Are YouTube) ?

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24 comments to Combat Arms Top 5 Plays – Week Four!

  • LiiMBz  says:

    this series seriously sucks?

  • FearonTheGamer  says:

    I’ll tell you how? he got that kill, he hacks!

  • FiinalJump  says:

    5th? guy??? ahha funny clip shoulda been 1st FTW

  • Xxl2unxX  says:

    LOL @ the guy in 5th How the? fuck did he make it?

  • MadelnChinaProduct  says:

    why did you put the number? 5 in it was set up

  • grottazzolina  says:

    0:05 what the song?????

  • jackol900  says:

    it wasnt funny and it took a spot? some people actually cared about getting

  • iBan4naCA  says:

    5 is nothing.?

  • dddooonnnhhhiiilll  says:

    what song in beging ??

  • Tommy Le  says:

    Lol how did clip 5th? get on top 5?
    is so funny xD

  • nbblerxc  says:

    5? wasnt good

  • xPureRefleXx  says:


  • mrpeanut20850  says:


  • Ond roxs  says:


  • raw1234100  says:

    thanks? i was gonna superman but i decided 5000 degree

  • S9ldierCA  says:

    @undercoverdudes dude dont worry, some people just dont hav a sense of humor and r mad that they cant do any of these clips? themselves smh

  • CerubusCA  says:


  • adin555Combatarms  says:

    Yo undercoverdudes go to my? channel and use my video for the tip 5 plays

  • CATop5Plays  says:

    wait is? #5 a joke?

  • Vianey onAC  says:

    All I have is Junk Flea OMA sniper? only clips…so no exception; can’t use?

  • undercoverdudes  says:

    yours was fake, but? it wasn’t funny…

  • Ond roxs  says:

    Y didnt i make it

    ._. look @ the? Guy in 5th


  • undercoverdudes  says:

    as I? said 1v1

  • EvilBunnyPwnage  says:

    woah? number 5 is so beast!!

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