Can i extend my tv cable?

Question by Poker Face Epitome: Can i extend my tv cable?
Im painting my room and moving my furniture around and my tv is going to be on the opposite side of the room where the cable isnt. Im wondering if i can make the cable cord longer with this

Heres a pic of mine

Will it work or will i need something else? Thats the only cord i need for cable because mine is very basic in my room. Thanks ahead because this really helps! 🙂

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Answer by Texperson
You can use any cable extension as long as it’s the same as the existing one you have. The problem with the one you show is it’s a push together type of connection. In a room where the cable will be extended under a rug or around the perimeter you would be better off with a cable extension where they have screw in ends as it will hold together better.

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