Call of Duty Zombies – Rezzurection Moon Gameplay – How to find Mule Kick!

Here’s how to find Mule Kick on the new Rezzurection Zombie Map, Moon. Here’s how to find Semtex on the new Rezzurection Zombies Map, Moon. Here’s how to find Double Tap on the new Rezzurection Map, Moon! If you liked this video, please leave a rating and favorite, it helps spread the word! Facebook: Twitter: How to find double tap semtex stamin up phd flopper hacking the pack a punch machine how to share points using the hacker mulekick mule kick how to get new perk how to turn on the power radio 1 how to get juggernog jug by round 1 golden rod easter egg co op step 1 rezzurection moon map pack easter egg new call of duty zombies black ops
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15 comments to Call of Duty Zombies – Rezzurection Moon Gameplay – How to find Mule Kick!

  • MW2noobssuck  says:

    with? the wave gun you have 4 guns

  • harrisonsimpkins  says:


    Shouldn’t Treyarch release a game called, Call? Of Duty Zombies? Imagine, Nacht Der Untoten, Verruckt, Shi No Numa, Der Riese, Kino, Five, DOA, Asension, COTD, Shangri La,?? the last map pack,? and an additional 5, 10 or? even 15? maps, with? a campaign? and it’s for every console? If you think that would? be AWESOME, copy and? paste this to every zombies video and thumbs up, if you

    u all? support this, it could become? an actual game!

    Thumbs? up so people see!!!!

  • bozkurt869  says:

    what happens if? you get downed with this perk will you lose 1 gun? or something else happens?

  • redrumpker6  says:

    0:31 4000 Dollars? ….LOL

  • redrumpker6  says:

    4000 Dollars …LOL

  • BerettaMACK  says:

    If you want to? do the easter egg on any map, add me on xbox GT: x BerettaMACK

  • bnb2407  says:

    No vids in 2? days? what up?

  • AustinskaterkidDye13  says:

    @SGCbarbierian will u fuck me lmao j/k? but have u done the easter egg?

  • SGCBarbierian  says:

    LOL? you slut <4

  • Wiggmuzzle  says:

    Thank you for showing me I never would have found this in the? easiest spot in the world I don’t know what I would do without this video thats 2 days late while theres 20 already out there and its really easy to find but thanks nick for this really useful tutorial I don’t know what I would do without your videos!

    -Love themotherfuckingsunovabitch Wiggmuzle

  • Twilightgirl3656  says:

    or you? can press Y 3 times….

  • Kalimahala  says:

    come on. make gameplay already.? not just new things.


    do the motherfuckin easter egg?

  • an12356  says:

    barbarian if zombies dance you get three 1$ take it? or leave it

  • lpslostagain  says:

    man… post something that? someone who played this more then one time can use as helpful please.

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