Better Colours and Slimmer Profiles ? A Look at LED TV’s

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Better Colours and Slimmer Profiles ? A Look at LED TV’s

The allure of a large screen to serve as the centrepiece of grand home theatre system is somewhat hard to resist. But with the introduction of new technologies such as LED the choices that present themselves to consumers is significantly wider.

Many may think of LED (Light Emitting Diode) TV’s as being a completely brand new screen technology but this isn’t entirely true. In reality what can be found on the market is a new kind of LCD TV with a later technology that uses LED’s as a backlight. This isn’t to say that these screens are without merit.

There are actually two distinct types of LED screens which are RGB Dynamic LED TV and Edge LED TV each of which has its own benefits. The first of the two kinds allows the screen to be dimmed in specific areas which allows for truer blacks (a problem on standard LCD) and a higher contrast ratio. The end result is vastly superior colour reproduction.

The second type of screen offers a far slimmer profile than standard LCD screens. This feat is achieved through a system that diffuses the light evenly across the screen with great results.

Both screen types present benefits over the conventional LCD screen making them worth the investment especially if you are a first time HD TV buyer. In such a case there is no reason to pass over buying an LED backlight television for a standard LCD Screen.

The reason for LED TV not replacing LCD’s as being the basis for the actual picture is due to the fact that LED’s cannot currently be manufactured at sizes that are small enough. Because of this fact true LED screens are restricted only for large scale use such as in those found at stadiums. The sets currently on the market are all really LCD LED TV offerings.

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