19 comments to Woman Gets Chin Implant to Look Better Online

  • Rhaemalie  says:

    she looks uglier aswell! lol?

  • sharleeism  says:

    this? is what rich people do with their money?

  • MayadIdub  says:

    after surgery… she’s not that much? different. hardly different.

  • esurfer26  says:

    Photoshop? is cheaper than surgery.

  • sinbin365  says:

    she looks more like a man now?

  • BizyTomas  says:


  • Ashh D  says:

    Wow…. Wtf. She did not need it. But whatever floats your boat.?

  • Alicia Serena  says:

    she looks really good afterwards!?

  • MissingCog  says:

    Good thing she spent 15 grand to look so incredibly? different…

  • bboucharde  says:

    Obviously, many of you don’t get it:
    1. This woman works in a business where appearance is 80% of the job.
    2. In this society, looks absolutely count, when it comes to getting hired, getting a mate, & being successful. Yes, you need brains, diligence, & character, too.
    3. The trite response that “it’s what’s inside you that counts” is bullshit. —
    Try being a fat, ugly woman and getting laid by a handsome, buff man— That won’t happen, and you? know it
    4. This lady looks much better now!

  • hellvanful  says:

    I’m losing faith in? humanity…

  • merkywave  says:

    she? looks like she is related to Jay Leno’s or something!

  • cuterose743  says:

    she never heard of photoshop , sad..?

  • AkimboJoe  says:

    Triana:? Are you happy, with? everything?
    Dr: I’m thrilled (the check is in the bank)!

  • vibeke holmquist  says:

    I have a man chin, its like a? small ass 🙂 and I am girl, and jet I embrace it and joke about it 🙂

  • torzidotwisted  says:

    dumb? whore..

  • Trevor Patton  says:

    …and the moral? to this story is – if you have plastic surgery keep it secret.

  • TiffanyinTricate  says:

    thATS what photoshop is for,love u the way? u are >.>

  • bravolondon  says:

    800 “friends” ? how stupid ! just do whatever you want for yourself if you? want it NOT for someonelse.

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