14 comments to Whitewashing Islam: 20 Errors on 20/20 (ABC News)

  • mrthebengaltiger1  says:

    @turningundead When you’ve finished studying it thoroughly, please tell me the? truth, thanks. You send me personal 1 on 1 messages if you like.

  • clayton bradley  says:

    exactly islam and? the quran itself is a false hood and every body that wants to be a muslim really putting there souls in danger of being lost for ever

  • kingofcelts  says:

    Congratulations on your video. It’s well researched and informed, yet not too? heavy for the average Joe. You definitely know you subject!

  • TorchAndPitchforks  says:

    Not much point in studying a book that people who push it, cant even agree on how to spell the? fucking name!

  • SEOTexas1  says:

    This is the best vid I’ve seen today?

  • ad17939  says:

    Unfortunately, Islam has a dark side that was used by the Arabs to convert others to Islam by sword. On the surface, the Arab conquest of Persia is no different than any other conquests in human history. The only difference was that its central goal was to convert the Persians to Islam. This resulted in a complete destruction of Persian culture. When one of Mohd.’s general asked what to do with the libraries in Persia, he told him to burn them if? they contradict the Quran. Iran has not recovered

  • Mathilde A.  says:

    yep i agree, this is really fantastic. and i can tell u, i really got shocked when i got paid a check of? $300 for reading emails and doing surveys. lol. i found it here: bit.ly/ZwkgbE?=lodpg

  • collegecounseling1  says:

    Your Fired!!!!!!!!?

  • turningundead  says:

    do you hate nazis? do you hate racists? do? you hate, rapists? do you hate child molesters? if so, you are full of hate, the Koran is a rapist book

  • turningundead  says:

    you have every right to criticize Islam, you seem to have read the? quran, so you obviously know who he is, so you have a right to call him a bastard, im still studying the quran and yeah, the qurans not looking good.

  • chai Israel  says:

    fuck religion of peace your a crazy cult? of hate lie

  • Bethany Shoemaker  says:

    Haute dang, this is a? sick video! Thank you!

  • Bethany Shoemaker  says:

    Haute dang,? this is a sick video! Thank you!

  • 007dardan  says:

    looool mate not be rude but you Indians believe in gods with 10 heads and elephants with 8 arms so you off all should just? stop with the criticism towards Islam not that i care but your religion is probably a lot worse and quite laughable hahaha also gandi is faggot who likes being fisted by your gods with 20 arms :).

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