The Spangler Effect – Back to School Science Season 01 Episode 26

On this episode of The Spangler Effect, Steve and Higgensworth head back to school. Lucky for Steve his mom bought everything he needs for the school year. Now it’s his job to find science experiments he can do using only the supplies from his backpack. Learn more about the pencil through the bag experiment Learn more about the ruler and newspaper experiment Learn more about the binder catapult experiment Subscribe to The Spangler Effect Watch the previous episode

Subscribe | Facebook | Twitter Release Date: 18 January 1940 Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance Cast: Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell, Ralph Bellamy Directors: Howard Hawks Writer: Charles Lederer, Ben Hecht Plot: A newspaper editor uses every trick in the book to keep his ace reporter ex-wife from remarrying.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

34 comments to The Spangler Effect – Back to School Science Season 01 Episode 26

  • TrollZorrr  says:

    Wow,? those were really good deals. Good thing that newspaper didn’t break.

  • alex lee  says:

    steve should get money for? advertising products

  • teryn cate  says:

    is Higginsworth? his real name?
    please respond

  • 0Mount0  says:

    YAY I’m special?

  • Mi Li  says:

    Yes, I want more science magic! P.S. who am I talking to? Just curious because Steve? and Higgensworth are awesome!

  • Mi Li  says:

    Yes, I would like more magic science please!!! P.S. Who am I talking to? Just? curious because Steve and Higgensworth are the best!!!!

  • TheSpanglerEffect  says:

    Nice catch, it is Higginsworth:) Thanks for the? feedback.

  • TheSpanglerEffect  says:

    That is great to hear! Thank you for watching and is there? an experiment you would like to see on here?

  • trungly1322  says:

    We do too!?

  • Mi Li  says:

    YER SO AWESOME!! Watching yer vids,? has now become my hobby!

  • 0Mount0  says:

    in the last video it said higginsworth but in this one it says? higgensworth

  • gryphonandtobyiloveu  says:


  • achemachew  says:

    I don’t like cheese.?

  • nataliechan72  says:

    how do? you stuff ALL THAT into a SMALL lunchbag? Probbably part of science…

  • nataliechan72  says:

    Why Hagans Worth always have to do something bad at the beginning? ok i think it is for entertainment! 😛

  • nataliechan72  says:

    I wish Steve was? my science teacher…

  • Taimoor Tahir  says:

    where can I get one?

  • David Fox  says:

    Why are you so? mean to Higgensworth?

  • nhoclam106  says:

    Steve is? a science teacher and he still takes lessons in class… seems legit

  • kdpflanders1  says:

    Quentin Tarantino? brought me here.

  • 9andabovge  says:

    1st Grant movie I saw at age 7 n I was forever hooked? ..Brilliant

  • chandra sekhar Chukka  says:

    Awesome 🙂 these days dialogues don’t have? a greater significance.

  • GathKingLeppbertI  says:

    Can you imagine? them shooting this today? nope.
    I can imagine shooting an illegal sittin’ in the office of POTUS.

  • Tilion462  says:

    I’ll not argue with you for the most? part, but the West Wing cast & crew could easily have managed to shoot such scenes with long, complex & overlapping dialogue, and they did…

  • olu hamilton  says:

    In a new remake, R.? Lee Ermey could be the Mayor.

  • olu hamilton  says:

    Classic Howard Hawks overlapping? dialougue.

  • Saskiahhh  says:

    You guys are? amazing 🙂 could you upload some Hitchcock?

  • Luciano Lopes  says:

    Where are the? subtitles???

  • kelb89  says:

    1:06:20 -? 1:06:27

  • cauchamar  says:

    Considering this movie is public domain, and is freely, legally available all over the internet, it’s? really amazing that they expect anyone to choose to watch a version with a huge VISO stamped on the screen. Hugely distracting.

  • doggypie12341  says:

    Wow….. I was lucky enough to watch? my first black and white movie and it was amazing.

  • dihsh  says:

    tom and jerry? intro ..

  • gibsonfan55654  says:

    There is an intellectual property thief running rampant on Youtube. Please help me in seeking justice.? Click on my channel for more details.

  • cologneboy62  says:

    With whom?? If? it ain’t broke…

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