The Atlantic Cover – Smarch 2010

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The Atlantic Cover – Smarch 2010
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Image by cosmocatalano
Long backstory here.

Basically, this comment (since restored) got deleted from this article and I got to experience the thrill of trying to get in touch with The Atlantic.

While this fanciful cover is largely in jest, they certainly don’t make it easy for you to drop them a line in cyberspace. I never heard back from my Twitter or Tumblr efforts, but their "contact us" form did eventually yield a response—about 26 hours later.

If you need to talk to someone there, an email to author first initial and author last name (no space between) at was what worked for me.

Oh, and the Blue Moon crack is a reference to this.

(contains elements derived from this Creative Commons-licensed work.)

Look Ma
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Image by AnyaLogic
A man waving his bicycle infront of the MSNBC studio on the National Mall a day before Inauguration of President Obama. He later confirmed that his friends were able to see him at home.

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