Second Opinion – ABP News Special: Second Opinion

ABP News Special: Second Opinion
Video Rating: 5 / 5

New Dark Souls content is coming to the PC as well as the XBOX 360 and Playstation 3. Subscribe to IGN’s channel for reviews, news, and all things gaming: TAGS: “dark souls” “dark souls dlc “dark souls prepare to die” games “dark souls limited edition” “prepare to die edition” pc “playstation 3” feature “dark souls” “dark souls artorias of th” “xbox 360” ign ignentertainment games gaming “video games” gameplay hd official 2012 “video game”
Video Rating: 4 / 5

18 comments to Second Opinion – ABP News Special: Second Opinion

  • purvi gala  says:

    I m happy to see this new? channel that gives us lots of info about doctor ,How they r care less about patient&their family thanku very much tshow pls con this show/but Im not able to see your replay second opinion on 11.30pm on satur day night or next with same problem,thank u very much sir

  • SteadyMoose  says:

    0:48 I never stopped playing Dark Souls? sir.

  • 0923Titan  says:

    i’m just glad for the? extra action can’t wait

  • TrueKrimzonOne  says:

    I hope that namco? and FS know how to make working dlc for all platforms, unlike bethesda does…

  • stewartinchina  says:

    Are you FRIGGIN’ kidding me!? Should they make more content for this game???? FUCK YES.

    That question shouldn’t even be asked. If your dumb, whiney ass doesn’t want dlc to “ruin” the game then don’t download it!!! WTF, ridiculous question.

  • gamehead1223  says:

    this game made gamer boys to men, men into hardcore men, and hardcore men into bad ass pvp fights. (not counting the chain back stabbers? and gankers)

    but I well love this Dlc why? a whole are for Fair, noble and honorable dueling, -fuck yeah meme here-

  • tommapar88  says:


  • 31pegleg  says:

    thats the most stupid question to ask,? Do you want DLC on a game thats amazing.

  • Michale Burns  says:

    of course im amped i hope that it receives as much dlc as they give it by far one of my most favored games for it’s depth and difficulty my only wish is they would of made a better attempt at tn of the game i hope they do a third installment and go hog wild on it with content and a better online adaptation as to where like maybe how borderlands is with the drop in and out with four players? but the flip is more players in dark souls would just make the game impossible :p but you wold fnd btr loot

  • Curocko  says:

    Dark souls has pvp,sky? rim doesn’t ,dark souls wins.

  • MrK3V1NR  says:

    @SageDivinity That’s b/c your character sucks, I? own everything on sky rims hardest difficulty, dark souls is a thinking mans rpg.

  • Skylar J.  says:

    i am so looking forward to it! but sucks cause i got PS3 so i gotta wait a little longer

  • Evan Dempsey  says:

    I’m playing dark souls right? now and I was thinking to my self “dlc would be great” I google it and I had no idea there was dlc coming out!!!!!!!!! Im so freakin pumped!!!

  • 345lol345  says:

    i cant wait for the dlc dark souls is the best game ever?

  • Stuart Moffatt  says:

    totally dlc worthy. despite that Dark Souls being a very Hardcore game, it still ranks up with the A list? in the Role Playing Genre : )

  • chrisweavergames  says:

    more darksouls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WIDBx  says:

    @SageDivinity There is in fact quite a large story line to Dark Souls. If you type in the YouTube search bar ” EpicNameBro Dark Souls Lore ” you will find out it is quite a big part of the? game. Every item, NPC, and enemy is in an area for a reason.

  • alucard32103210  says:

    There’s a guy in Youtube that did a run through of? dark souls in 1HOUR AND 10MINS!!!!!!!!! LOOK IT UP SOME ASIAN DUDE DID IT SERIOUSLY

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