Ron Paul on Fox Business with Gerri Willis 7/24/12

Ron Paul on Fox Business with Gerri Willis All credits to: Fox Business Network FBI — WARNING — Federal law allows citizens to reproduce, distribute or exhibit portions of copyright motion pictures, video tapes, or video disks under certain circumstances without authorization of the copyright holder. This infringement of copyright is called fair use and is allowed for purposes of criticism, news reporting, teaching and parody.
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

35 comments to Ron Paul on Fox Business with Gerri Willis 7/24/12

  • O5IMO  says:

    Ron Paul 2012


  • 81tystacks  says:

    This broad is? dumb ass hell

  • awillis79  says:

    What? a gentleman. RP2012

  • tadpoleposition  says:

    She has no? conscience whatsoever. She’s one of those country club preferred stock who’s been completely displaced from reality.

  • vlparker  says:

    I hope I? live to see the day that a man of Ron Paul’s stature will no longer have to deal with brain-dead talking-point-spewing zombies like that woman in the video above…

  • TriggaTrueSongz  says:

    HAHAHHAHAHA THIS IS JUST HILARIOUS FUCKING HILARIOUS LIKE A FUCKING CLOWN CONVENTION how dare she like? what the fuck is going on? actually i already know, like ALOT of other people.

  • Cambo212  says:

    Well I? did watch her show…….

  • Nezello  says:

    She works for the Elite Jews who own the fed.

    Marlon Brando Very Angry at Jews in Hollywood
    Hollywood? An Empire Of Their Own (1 of 3)
    Criminal Rothschilds

  • woolart  says:

    yes? ,thats how you do it,
    nice job grandfather xx

  • garrethdavis  says:

    that woman is? an idiota.

  • ThePaybak  says:

    Another mass? produced media CUNT!!

  • Kenny34515  says:

    once again, fox news and that “wonderfull blond chick” shows how classy they? really are! Please fox news, DO NOT “report” any longer. People are too smart for your viscous attacks.

  • MrEmerye  says:

    I will only vote for Ron Paul? in 2012. Mittens, and Barry won’t get my vote.

  • goody657  says:


  • boohoo746  says:

    presstitute, to be precise. she’s just? following orders.

  • 111iAm111  says:

    shes not dumb, she knows exactly what shes saying. Their producers tell them the angle they need to take and if they want to keep there jobs they behave accordingly. Calling her a spineless media whore would be more? appropriate.

  • chrisiden1  says:

    yeah, shes a dumb blond bimbo for the way she treated Dr Paul… i sure hope he gets a miracle and becomes our President… the other junk running is just? a waste of our time and lives…

  • bigdevriendt  says:

    the popular opinion isnt always whats right? I mean bush did get elected twice come on what’s that tell you? most people are very? stupid

  • Zerospacedude  says:

    You? should just stop now… As I can see from the comments no one likes you.

  • teawead  says:

    Good. ?

  • blub58412  says:

    well r u gonna hate me now? im not gay as a man once? said in some movie I LIKE DA PUSSY!

  • bigdevriendt  says:

    you are beyond ignorant. This isn’t 2002, PC’s do? NOT cost “Thousands” of dollars. Keep telling yourself this though so you feel better about wasting your money on console garbage

  • bigdevriendt  says:

    Console fanboys are about to flag your comment for spam. I said the same thing as this video came out and got 64 thumbs up and? my comment taken down lol. They’re beyond butthurt

  • bigdevriendt  says:

    thousands? lol yea okay that’s bullshit. I spent $500 on mine and I play Day? Z, L4D2, Battlefield 3, and about 30 other games on high settings with 1920×1080 ratio in TRUE HD

  • DaHunter313  says:

    yea thats what you think you say its superior to console in EVERY way? well console is way cheaper then paying thousands of dollars for a pc

  • blub58412  says:

    im just saying my girlfriend dont have a penus are you sure you dont have me confused with some one else u penus loving? BITCH

  • Zerospacedude  says:

    there is this thing called the recession. you’ll? find out one day! it’s not fun!

  • teawead  says:

    Seriously, you need help.?

  • bigdevriendt  says:

    I’m just saying your? boyfriend is cheating on you, thought you’d like to know

  • Zerospacedude  says:

    I paid $200 for my console and haven’t even? spent $300+ on DLC, controllers, or games. While you pay $700-$1000+ on just the system itself.

  • blub58412  says:

    and even if i had a boyfriend your dumbass basically just said you like it up the ass and in the? mouth! fuckwhad

  • bigdevriendt  says:

    i’m not interested eww, ask? someone else

  • bigdevriendt  says:

    your just mad cause your boyfriend? blew me!

  • xxmetalxmonkeyxx  says:

    They’re makin a DLC ’cause last time they made the sequel to the first Left 4 Dead, gamers whined. “Make DLCs, not a new $60 game.” I understand? both opinions and don’t prefer a side. As long as they’re putting quality stuff out like they have and I have the money to blow, I’ll buy it.

  • deliman  says:

    oh go easy on him. he’s probably like 14 years old…?

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