RK Laxman Ki Duniya – Episode 194 – 21st August 2012

Bhavesh Fails To Win 25000 Rupees Bhavesh books a Red Bike for Vasavda family later in the office, Bhavesh reveals his boss and other office colleagues that he is buying a bike and excited boss reveals Bhavesh that from now onwards he will get petrol allowance too, but Bhavesh is worried as he has to arrange 25000 rupees for the bike and also shares his problem with Sharma thus, he suddenly observes an advertisement in the newspaper and buys 5 boxes of Soaps and also explains Vasavda family that the bumper prize of the coupon is 25000 rupees, so all the members of Vasavda family scratches coupon for 25000 rupees but they miserably fail and Bhavesh gets upset, next day morning in the office, Bhavesh requests Sharma to tell his dear Brother-in-law to give 3 days to him as he has to arrange 25000 rupees for the bike. Will Bhavesh succeed in arranging 25000 rupees? This TV series is based on the books and works of RK Laxman. The episodes and incidents would involve happenings in the life of The Common Man as depicted by Laxman over the years.This Series would focus on the character of Common Man who is a silent spectator of marching time. Common Man, confronts India’s latest heartbreak with a kind of wry resignation. Meek and silent , he’s a witness to everything: scheming politicians, gossiping housewives and rapacious bureaucrats.This character has been hugely successful because it represents us – Indians. We can identify the Common Man with all the people we come across

4 comments to RK Laxman Ki Duniya – Episode 194 – 21st August 2012

  • rehman11221  says:

    Nice? series …

  • NiftyGuru  says:

    Love Ramesh and? Bakulesh. Real package of humour.

  • ankit5916  says:

    all episodes of R. K. Laxman Ki Duniya are almost same of those of movies this episode is a copy of do dooni chaar.

  • qaiser1478  says:


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