Q&A: What is best way to find television news story from 1992?

Question by Mountaingirl: What is best way to find television news story from 1992?
Story appeared on local television news, aired in Maryville, TN, between August and December, 1992. The subject concerned a woman who was initially denied benefits by her employer, but was awarded those benefits more than ten years later.

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Answer by rabble rouser
There are two ways to go about it…

First (and best way) – if you can remember what station the news story aired on, call the station and ask if you can get a transcript of the show or buy a DVD…
Sometimes They don’t go back that far so you might be out of luck…

Second, Google some phrases that appear in an article about the person like “woman benefits employer 10 years late” and see what comes up… occasionally a learning institution will hold on to a broadcast in their library… I found a TV special about a really obscure artist that way.

Good Luck but don’t get your hopes up.

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