Q&A: news casting?

Question by muddle: news casting?
>what is the relevance of background music in reportng?
>what are the importance of saying the names of the newscaster in the studio or in the field??
>what are the usual segments in news tv or tv news?
>how can you compare the news on tv to the news on a broadsheet or newspaper??

ten points will be awarded to the best answer..kindly elaborate further and clearly explain this..thnx!!!

10 points is waitin’..;)

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Answer by victor 7707
I really don’t care about the background or music but seeing the same person give the news every night seems to make it more real, there definitely is a connection there, that is why I think tv is putting newspapers out of business. Most segments of news is bad news but if you watch the 24 hour channel news you get more of a different type, its not all murder and mayham, you get a mixture of both.

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