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12 comments to My New Skateboard Setup

  • Tyrone Hardy  says:

    It was such a good setup untill it said? trukfit

  • TGAIISDMAN  says:

    you should check out the new converse trapasso pro II’s,? i love mine

  • Raymond Luna  says:

    whats? with the creepey old man in the back round when you were showing the wheels

  • Mrmkquak  says:

    You can get e’s at? ross

  • GOJoJoRAT  says:

    Trukfit sponsor? josh

  • phrakattack  says:

    I? was almost positive there was a man shimmying underneith that bin…

  • enminem  says:

    the black market. haha no i had them from a while? ago.


    so he doesnt crack his head? open. You would wear one if you are smart

  • Ty Tarzetti  says:

    ***everybody like this comment so he can see it***
    i have a friend who skates for trukfit cause hes lil wayne’s friend….. not trying to sound racist or anything but a white kid isn’t gonna get on truckfit unless he’s like? pro

  • JHibbeln93  says:

    My friend still has a pair of Accel TT’s. Every time we go out skating I get so jealous? he still gets to skate them.

  • VividsMe  says:

    why do you wear a helmet? (im? only asking this because your a super good skater)

  • Bongqueefie Jonez  says:

    nigga even I? know tht!

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