Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper – Korea Region – US Army Korea – IMCOM – December 11, 2009

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Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper – Korea Region – US Army Korea – IMCOM – December 11, 2009
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Image by U.S. Army Korea (Historical Image Archive)
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Keeping the tradition alive, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders will be visiting troops stationed in Korea bringing some holiday cheer. The troupe will perform 6 live shows as well as visit additional camps for a handshake/autograph tour from December 19-26.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (DCC) have entertained service members throughout the ROK for 31 years. December 2009 will be the 33rd DCC visit (28th Christmas tour) and the 34th visit by an NFL/AFL cheerleader group. In 1979, the U.S. Department of Defense requested their presence on a USO tour to Korea. Since then, the squad has gone on more USO tours than any other entertainment group.

The appearances of the DCC are in two parts: a daily full-scale stage performance at major installations, and individual handshakes/autograph sessions at smaller installations, remote sites, and units. In addition to stage performances and autograph sessions, the DCC will conduct youth clinics at Yongsan and Camp Carroll.

Often called "America’s Sweethearts," the Cheerleaders visited troops recuperating from injuries at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the National Naval Medical Center in 2009. In March 2005, the Cheerleaders treated service members in Germany, Belgium, England and Iceland to shows. Last December, the group spent their 28th Christmas with troops in Korea. They also participated on the USO’s first tour to Iraq in 2003. The squad has entertained troops stationed all over the world, including Kosovo, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Bosnia, Italy, Hungary and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, among many others. In 1991, the Cheerleaders were presented with the USO’s 50th anniversary award, and, in 1997, the USO recognized their dedication with its most prestigious honor, the “Spirit of Hope” Award.

Best known for their trend setting dance routines during Dallas Cowboys football games an elite group of twelve Cheerleaders are featured in the DCC Show Group’s fully choreographed musical variety extravaganza "America and Her Music". Each show offers audience participation, a customized selection of up to 22 elaborately costumed and carefully staged production numbers filled with singing and dancing for every taste – from Classical to Country to good ole’ Rock-n-Roll.

The concert is brought to you by USO, AFE, and FMWR. All performances are open to ID card holders & free of charge. For more information, please contact your local USO office or FMWR Entertainment Office at DSN 723-3749.

Full schedule for performances in Korea:
Dec 19, Camp Walker, Kelly Fitness Center, 7 pm
Dec 20, Yongsan Garrison, Collier Field House, 4 pm
Dec 22, Camp Humphreys, CAC, 7 pm
Dec 23, Osan AB, Theater, 6 pm
Dec 24, Kunsan AB, Theater, 1 pm
Dec 25, Camp Casey, Carey Fitness Center, 7 pm

CFPS owned 40145 at Ladybank
latest news
Image by B4bees
.Scottish Railway Preservation Society special train stopping at Ladybank to uplift tour passengers.
The train started from Linlithgow and headed north for Inverness.
D345 (as was) was delivered to British Railways new in 1961, Initially replacing steam tracrion on the East Coast Main Line between Leeds and Glasgow. Later it could be found working anywhere as an express passenger locomotive or indeed equally as good with heavy freight trains. She was withdrawn from service in 1983 following a bad derailment. She was resurrected in the early 1990s and brought back into service on the private East Lancashire Railway. Then in 2002 she regained main line status,with her 1974 TOPS number 40145, and now runs main line special passenger tour trains, between which, she visits many of the other preserved railways in Great Britain.

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