Man of Steel Official Trailer 2 + Trailer Review : HD PLUS

Man of Steel debuts it’s official trailer 2 today! You can see it here today plus get a trailer review as Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph gives her reaction to this trailer 2 featuring Henry Cavill, Kevin Costner and Amy Adams! Does Man of Steel look like a great Superman movie to you know that you’ve seen this new footage in trailer 2 today? Plus with Beyond The Trailer’s Trailer Plus, you’ll get a link to other movie news, reviews, and trailers! Enjoy this official HD trailer 2 and trailer review for Man of Steel before you see the full movie in 2013! And make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for entertainment news on YouTube today!

25 comments to Man of Steel Official Trailer 2 + Trailer Review : HD PLUS

  • christianpcmm  says:

    I’m going to watch the trailer again just for the cute lady who’s talking after (what a great smile)?

  • christianpcmm  says:

    I have great doubts? about this movie . Superman is my favorite super-hero and I really hope they ‘ll proove I’m wrong. Sorry if there are faults in my sentences , I’m french and I”m sorry for that too (sort of)

  • Ricardo Robles  says:


  • bgshw22  says:

    Hope it blow the others outta the like hulk iron man an the avengers and there is a dark superman i have the comic and i am supermans biggest fan?

  • futurerev21  says:


  • mexicansuperman42089  says:

    I think ruiseñor noviembre is gonna be? really Good. I mean cristopher reeves did a way awsome job in Superman he made u believe a man can fly I’m a big Superman fan so I believe this movie will do good and on Superman returns Brandon routh did job but storyline kinda sucked but overall he had that tone that in a way Christopher Reeves had

  • pasi berg  says:

    Found The Leaked Movie:

  • jdduncan5jd  says:

    I agree with Michael G that DC are more serious toned comics and I think this movie is gona surprise people? like BatMan Begins.Im a huge fan of the old tv series Smallville and if anyone watched the series finale was terrible I feel that this movie will give Smallville fans what we wanted in a couple hours as to the 10yrs watchin Smallville. I’m very excited for Man of Steel

  • Mariton32  says:

    I am a huge Superman Fan.. I loved the old Christopher Reeves movies. Superman II is my favorite of those…. I think what they are doing is Awesome!!!? They are changing things up and I can’t wait to see the film…

  • aryan kratos  says:

    braendon was? a gud superman

  • Michael Gutierrez  says:

    What do I think? I think your taste in movies is horrid but to your personal delight you should be happy to know the early reviews say the movie isn’t as “dark” as the trailer puts it out to be. I think you eat up everything marvel and have this false idea that Iron Man is the ideal for a super hero movie when the reality is that? DC is in fact a more serious toned, less colorful comic industry. That’s why your like to dislike ratio is 2:1 and not 9:1.

  • xSEWICKx  says:

    I agree, he does not fit as superman or Kent. What’s with the beard! The music also seemed stupid for the movie. I don’t understand why? they can’t make a good superman movie.

  • Jesse Kenner  says:

    i? think you like to hear yourself talk

  • punto coma  says:

    damn youre way off beat on this one grace, henry cavill is awesome for superman, hes big like superman, hes serious like superman? and like the tone this character needs for the non-comics readers to actually appreciate superman for who and what he really is and personifies, but who knows, maybe in alll the gray clark kent may actually be the clumsy clark we know but with a realistic touch that both director and producer have provided us already in their respective hero movies…

  • ben frankie aka cut throat louie frontsta  says:

    The original with RIP Christopher Reeves is probably better?

  • ben frankie aka cut throat louie frontsta  says:

    shes telling the truth they messing superman up? this supposed to be full of some Superman Action this guy wont cut it.,

  • theoneandonlyethan  says:

    I really like the Henry Cavill casting. I look at him and I do think Superman. I think? Superman deserves more from a movie than any of the others ( I’m a huge fan of the early Richard dinner superman films ) have offered and I think Snyder and Cavill could really pull this off.

  • jonesy77777  says:

    it’s not a stroke of genius, it following in the footsteps of all of the other comic movie remakes. ? Oh, and this chick is talking complete nonsense.

  • keyfeeks11  says:

    I am a big fan of superhero comics and I’ll have to wait until the movie comes out to see if I? like it or not. I don’t think the trailer gave me enough to satisfy my hunger. The woman doing the interview at the end of the movie I really appreciate her style her honesty and how she states exactly what she likes I agreed with her and many of her statements. Keep up the good work honey

  • TheSuperHeroFreak  says:

    How about waiting till the movie comes out instead of wanting to see the entire movie in the trailers like most? movies today

  • KnightWithoutASmile  says:

    i don’t? like Superman, but still this trailer is amazing

  • TheBobbleheadboys  says:

    only? nolan can do it

  • TheBobbleheadboys  says:

    best? trailer ever

  • Tharun Chelley  says:

    Superman was never as dark of a character as Batman and guess what thats probably why he’s not as popular. Making a Superman story line? darker and grittier is a stroke of genius according to any person who believes movies moving on in drama. The old Supermans with Christopher Reeve were classics, however they were a bit cheesy and lighthearted which was good for the time and what audiences wanted. Now days people want realism and grittiness and if she can’t accept that then she should move on.

  • cdsivakumar11  says:

    A Super Hero will not rise suddenly,He rises slowly with? Love,Pain,Hope,Strength and Respect ! Henry Cavill made it in every single scene,fullfilling Zack Synders dream and Christopher Nolan has doubt to produce 🙂 . I never used to see Superman movie,But this trailer sucks my heart,I love it !!!

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