LIVE PREGNANCY TEST RESULTS As featured on ABC Good Morning America Show In today’s video we get a little personal with you guys by doing a live pregnancy te…
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The Thorium Car – This Car Runs For 100 Years Without Refuelling ANOTHE…


  • LaToya Forever  says:


  • APOLOGIST  says:

    he celebrates because he will not have a human being
    u chose A douchebag as boyfriend – GET READY FOR DISAPPOINTMENTS?

  • SenszR  says:

    Why would you fuck if you’re not prepared to have a baby anyway??

  • Sha'Nya Foreman  says:

    I wanna kno how many people scrolled down fo da answer b 4 watchin the vid ?

  • Brianna Abdullah  says:

    Lol latoya will u ………make me some coconut shrimp plz?

  • phradiep baldeo  says:

    you In Canada?

  • Charlotte Daley  says:

    so are u are are u not ?????

  • myaddiction000  says:

    She’s not pregnant?

  • Marsha Dentzan  says:

    He had me stressing lmao well congrats that ur not. I have had 5 children
    an they r a blessing, now ima grandma of 5 beautiful children. LOVE LIGHT
    AN BLESSINGS TO U AN URS. P.S. Keep up the amazing videos love ur vids ex
    specially when have in a bad day u flip it 4 me. Thanx girl?

  • phantomsuccour  says:

    God he is so cute!!?

  • A Pimp Named Slick Back  says:

    ahahah Latoya will you make me ……. Some coconut srimp XDDD LOL?

  • la lola  says:

    if u are not gonna be happy about having a child and make him feels that he
    is miracle u should be so careful guys !!!!! ?

  • Kierra Winns  says:

    She’s Preggers now!!!!?

  • Armand Dias  says:


  • nelson kaboots  says:

    Their reaction at 2:50 was too funny?

  • Hellu235Sing  says:

    I read a interesting article about China pursing Thorium energy to curve
    their out of control pollution problem. They originally intended to have it
    develop in 25 years, but now they shooting for 10 years.?

  • lincolnmaniac  says:

    they don’t know and they don’t care……does not mean i’m gonna quit tho!?

  • robin seer  says:
  • stoshbeast1  says:

    What is so bad about the act of 1871 anyway??

  • Shieena Living Waters  says:

    There you have technology that will never reach the hand of the slaves.
    They charge for the sun’s energy, water from earth and food we can freely
    grow. Abolish all Acts of mankind. Lose the name (lynch pin) or lose the
    game. Slavery is hooked to man’s systems and it starts with our agreement
    at birth. Its time to stop agreement- all agreements! I live therefore I
    Am… how about you? Which masters do you want to serve? Yourself or

  • 420protoman  says:

    Air car made by Guy Negre in France.. the thing cleans the air.?

  • RogueSpirit1966  says:

    all the way back to 1779. then rebuild it with logic and goodwill for all

  • basslvck  says:

    Well said tat

  • Chemtrails  says:

    +boknowsentertainment thats true, but we have to start somewhere, and the
    constitution has a solid foundation for a re beginning of america

  • RogueSpirit1966  says:

    dismantle their pyramid block by block. till we reach the day the ink dried.

  • BoKnowsEntertainment  says:

    “We the People” means now, and has always meant meant them Congress Tat.
    That Constitution is a trap tat. Common Law is Communism grizly.

  • RogueSpirit1966  says:

    we did it for hemp, on 420

  • Chemtrails  says:

    hey tat you are spot on, i just tuned in a few moments ago, but you and
    dutch are the shizy!!

  • RogueSpirit1966  says:

    every year like a holiday

  • rbolo29 .  says:


  • RogueSpirit1966  says:

    day before their fiscal year

  • rbolo29 .  says:

    Does anyone know who’s on The Voice tonight?

  • RogueSpirit1966  says:

    September 30

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