25 comments to Lie Witness News – Coachella 2013

  • Jimmy Kimmel Live  says:

    We’re counting down the top 10 #Kimmel videos of 2013. Here is #9…
    http://youtu.be/W_IzYUJANfk #LieWitnessNews ?

  • Jimmy Kimmel Live  says:

    ICYMI: We had a lot of fun at Coachella last year. #LieWitnessNews?

  • Drew Disaster  says:

    Wait but Two Door Cinema Club IS a band. Why did she throw their name in

  • Kent Fackenthall  says:

    Just. Wow.?

  • Michael Meehan  says:

    *Asking Hipsters About Bands That Don’t Exist*
    Jimmy Kimmel does another excellent job getting people to give their
    considered opinions on things that don’t exist. Priceless.


  • Fabien Röhlinger  says:

    Simply great – asking Hipsters about bands that don’t exist 🙂 Lie Witness
    News – Coachella 2013?

  • Shaolin811's Stack  says:

    what a bunch of FUCKING losers……why do people in general try so hard to
    pretend they know shit to fit in and be cool. Who the fuck cares. If you

  • Clive Carey  says:

    Asking Hipsters About Bands that Don’t Exist

    Lie Witness News – Coachella 2013?

  • TJ Sho  says:

    Looking at all the responses here; the only butthurt people are hipsters
    who claim this video is fake because god forbid Kimmel makes the lot look
    like the fraud-ass hacks they are.?

  • Epic  says:

    lol hipsters?

  • Tom McBride  says:

    You obviously edited the tape,… no one is that stupid.?

  • SpryO3  says:

    Where’s Trevor when you need him?

  • Rawk4Life  says:

    No wonder they’re stupid. The interviewer asked them before putting them on
    camera if they were stoned. Those that said yes made the cut.?

  • Princess Shuri  says:

    Two door cinema club is a band but they’re not famous or anything, weird
    they were mentioned?

  • BVBMonroeInsanity1  says:

    This doesn’t even look real nice try?

  • Barbare Carol  says:

    whats wrong with people??

  • Brandon Marguet  says:

    This looks fake…?

  • XplosiveStoning  says:

    “I’ve done this before, and now I feel like an idiot. Therefore I must get
    highly defensive and state that this video is an obvious fake.”?

  • l Salem l  says:

    Jesus Christ, all of you fucking idiots pointing out that Two Door Cinema
    Club is a real band are as stupid as the kids in this video. If any of you
    had been listening, Kimmel said that one of the bands are real. ?

  • hal jordon  says:

    why are people such compulsive liars.. whats wrong with just saying “oh,
    sorry ive never heard of that band..” is there some shame in that which i
    am unaware of?.. people are so weird?

  • Azhi Ragnaroksama  says:

    this looks rlly fake?

  • extrasagrada  says:

    two door cinema club is s real thing hahahah?

  • Nowaki Rose  says:

    What, Two Door Cinema Club exists though.o-o ?

  • Psychotracuer  says:

    You know what? Now I have to do this to hipsters.?

  • Keegan West  says:

    +Roy Parent-Beard no excuses now, there’s a Canadian in there, not just
    Americans haha but still, brilliant stuff!! Glad you’re not this kind of
    hipster +Rebekka Fylling:D (Roy actually is though….)?

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