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Learning computer skills
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Image by World Bank Photo Collection
Every year in China, millions of rural residents migrate to cities for work. Most of them lack the skills needed to make a decent living. Chongqing, China. Photo: Li Wenyong / World Bank

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Abandoned Mount Laguna Air Force Station makes the Turko Files
live news
Image by slworking2
For those of you that were directed here from Google – be sure to click here to see my many more photos of the Air Force station

It turns out that the abandoned Mount Laguna Air Force Station was featured on the Turko Files last night. I think Turko was a bit sensationalistic when he called the base “a toxic waste dump” and “home to devil worshipers”, among other things. Yes, there’s asbestos and lead-based paint up there – but it’s not like there are live nuclear warheads lying around up there! Here’s a link to the video: www.kusi.com/features/turko/26368614.html (click the “video” button once you get to the page).

Thanks to Cabrillo1542 for alerting me to this.

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