KUTV Reporter Brooke Graham Passes Out On Air, Continues to Report

Note* KUTV Reporter Brooke Graham is one of our hardest workers. She is doing fine following this instance and has given us permission to post the video on …
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24 comments to KUTV Reporter Brooke Graham Passes Out On Air, Continues to Report

  • Paul Barbato  says:

    It looked like she had just remembered a terrible memory that destroyed the
    inner recesses of her soul causing her neurons to snap and short circuit.
    Then the guy pressed the “reset button” located on her back and she


  • YesFunnyYes  says:

    lol she is awesome, hope she got a holiday bonus.?

  • Mora Sky  says:

    she is on something! ?

  • Brit Stormy  says:

    Dang. People, please take care of yourselves. Dedication to your work is
    commendable, but it’s not more important than your well-being. I’m glad she
    was OK, but I’ve read stories of guys & girls that died after working for
    too many hours & drinking Red Bull, etc. to keep going. It’s NOT worth
    it… stay healthy. Trust me, the people that own these media outlets, &
    many other corporations, are not good people. Don’t hurt yourself for them.?

  • fafafagat  says:

    She said Bass as she dropped. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!!?

  • Alejandro Moreno S.  says:

    I question KUTV’s allowing people to work 6 days a week. WTF is up with
    that? As if reporters didn’t already get up early enough… You want happy
    employees? Then keep them healthy – emotionally, spiritually, and
    physically healthy. All work and no play = high employee turnover, burnout
    and high insurance bills. ?

  • H3ddo  says:

    she did not passed out for sure
    she was drunk , that voice when she sit up is not from a person who just
    passed out?

  • susp1  says:

    When it is so damn obvious that something strange, out of the ordinary has
    happened (her fainting) and then she pretends nothing happened (she goes on
    with interview as if it was no big deal and lies about it being a “fall”)
    it makes it worse. She should have acknowledged something out of the
    ordinary happened (not just an ordinary fall) and then went on with the
    interview. Otherwise, we are all somewhat laughing at her and not really
    paying attention to the interview. In the future, reporters should diffuse
    uncomfortable situations like this by not ignoring what happened but rather
    talking about it for a minute then continuing with the interview.?

  • Thomas Hendrix  says:

    I don’t think she passed out. It looked more like she lost balance. She was
    instantly moving and talking an stuff. I’m no doctor but isn’t passing out
    when someone goes unconscious? She couldn’t of been unconscious for more
    than a second. Maybe not even that. I don’t think passing out is funny but
    I don’t think she passed out. ?

  • SooperBeez  says:

    lmfao what a dumb bitch, as the saying goes white and blonde?

  • jintek7  says:

    How embarrassing, she passed out but recovered like a pro as if nothing

  • Lovelyone Jones  says:

    We Christians can tell you that a demon entered her body. She is now
    posessed. What she needs is for us to pray to have the Holy Spirit enter
    her body and fight the demon inside of her because Satan is now in control
    of her body. All Christians know of these truths.?

  • acealban  says:


  • PurePressure999  says:

    WTF. Is it mandatory for female reporters to have pale skin and yellow
    hair these days, or what?? That’s all I ever see anymore. And I can’t
    help but take note of the all-seeing eye in the news logo, near the bottom
    right corner of the screen.?

  • Paranormal Michelle  says:

    omg that poor girl. I hope she is okay. Why on earth did she pretend to be
    fine? “I just slipped and fell” No, she fainted.. those other women are
    laughing.. wtf is wrong with people?? ?

  • BurningTaco7101  says:

    Or the air was thin because she is on a mountain…?

  • Orisitthesamenitemare14  says:

    Definitely passed out. You can tell her speech is slightly slurred and
    slowed down while she’s falling. If it was an accident she would have
    instinctually thrown her hands out to break her fall and her voice would
    have jumped like people do when they fall.?

  • Nathan Morrison  says:

    Man those other women in the news room are cunts. Women hate each other?

  • bigraviolees  says:

    No you didn’t slip in fall you fainted, if you ever have a stroke you may
    want to pass on the live report and call 911?

  • S. DeShawn Watson  says:

    She soldiered on! Reporter faints on live TV?

  • SuperZandersmom  says:

    She did not pass out ,, she fell in the snow,,who cares?

  • jedimann74  says:

    She’s a BOSS! That’s what we like to call 110% work ethic!?

  • Ping Pong  says:

    she just fell, too embarrassed to admit it, when you pass out you fall

  • Tim Grayson  says:

    She needs to see a doctor?

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