June 2014 Breaking News China USA tensions Obama’s Asia pivot tested China’s China sea claims

June 2014 Breaking News REUTERS China USA tensions Obama’s Asia pivot tested China’s China sea claims http://news.yahoo.com/obamas-asia-pivot-tested-chinas-b…
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May 2014 Breaking News REUTERS New York Post Russian President Putin orders military drills on Ukraine border Part 1 http://nypost.com/2014/02/26/putin-flexe…
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40 comments to June 2014 Breaking News China USA tensions Obama’s Asia pivot tested China’s China sea claims

  • u2bheavenbound  says:

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  • Chi Ng  says:

    didnt the filipino coast guards shoot dead an UNARMED taiwanese fisherman
    at sea??

  • littlesparrow34  says:

    So where was China when Japan invaded the Philippine islands in WWII ?

    Also before giving comments against the US mengling with the Philippines
    please know the history . Shame on the Dragon !?

  • mamaknock  says:

    Wars and rumors of war. Is there any country not in some kind of turmoil??

  • Mike Anderson  says:

    fuck you china. fuck you, peaceful? you are the one fucking grabbing land
    and sea.?

  • littlesparrow34  says:

    The United States has set foothold in the Philippines after given up by
    Spain in 1898. Americans has been in the PI that long, improved our
    education system , etc. China is nowadays thirsty of energy to power
    up their industries that now they try to claim not just the Spratly group
    of Islands but possibly if they can , the whole Philippine archipelago.
    Once America gets beaten up, Babylon fallen , I have no doubt the Dragon
    will advance their moves in my little country. Tribulation timeline ? 7th
    seal opened ??

  • Nguyen Thuy  says:

    fuck china, we want just peace to see World Cup in Brasil. you have a big
    population but not your football team in world cup. you cant beat anyone?

  • Lushikatomimokiari XLI  says:

    Here we go again…?

  • lazarlin  says:

    Did you see the look on Kerrys “the peacmakers” face when China gave the
    announcement,,I,d watch him if I were you…?

  • Hoocheeman Savage  says:

    The prewar rhetoric continues to ratchet up, the economies of the world are
    failing and when that happens as history has shown it always ends in war.?

  • kepler1000  says:

    China’s greatest creation in the last 100 years: North Korea.


  • lockmeinparadise  says:

    Be for warn war is coming stand your ground and defend at all cost. Be
    steadfast a giant is very hungry he is coming to feed on you.?

  • richard luzon  says:

    all filipino protect the west philippines sea

    agains the monster china?

  • ??  says:

    actually, there is no way that China will compromise with other countries
    when U.S of A stand under the table. be objective people! and put youselves
    into your shoes.?

  • anglekan  says:

    Those islands belong to china!!! What is the big deal? ?

  • BigOChunk  says:

    You’re thinking with hate and bias. It’s already been concluded by
    authorities that the Phillipines Coast guards are at fault for this
    incident. The Phillipines National Bureau of Investigation recommended
    homicide charges against the Phillipine Coast guards who shot the Taiwanese
    fisherman. Even the US said that the act of shooting an unarmed fisherman
    violates international law, doesn’t matter if the fisherman is fishing
    within your EEC. I also won’t exactly call it poaching either cause the EEC
    of the Taiwan and Phillipines overlap each other based on the 200 nautical
    miles away from coast rule made by the UN. The fisherman was within
    disputed EEC territory, both Taiwan and Phillipines thinks they have the
    right to fish in that area. This should to be settled peacefully by taking
    it to international court and to have confirmation and proof which
    country’s EEC it belongs to. However. I personally do agree the Taiwanese
    fisherman is stupid and wrong to fish in a disputed EEC so close to
    Phillipines territory even though I’m a Chinese from Hong Kong. But the
    act of shooting the unarmed fisherman is even more wrong. If the
    Phillipines Coast Guard allowed the fisherman to escape, and then just
    demanded compensation from Taiwan along with the video evidence as proof.
    Then I bet US along with the rest of the world would’ve been on the
    Phillipines side. Also please don’t generalize all Chinese, I know many
    Chinese who do not agree with the 9-dash line and other claims. You should
    know the decision of the claim is not made by average Chinese citizen but
    the high up elites, this is also the same for the US. Many Americans
    citizens can object going to war but that doesn’t reflect the decision made
    by the higher ups running the country. Hate on the leaders, not the
    powerless people below.?

  • mr.fedup  says:

    If u live in the USA leave!! And invasion is eminent. Nobody is afraid of
    USA anymore but yet ur politicians keep acting like fucking bullies. If u
    love ur children evacuate now before is too late?

  • hacsa26a  says:

    the truth is communist china have a big internal problem their country
    …this is their way of covering their problem for their people …pour
    chinese…soon communist china will go down?

  • scott stealth  says:

    i think international law is on the side of the Philippines,, thats why
    China hates the Philippines for taken the issue to the UN,, and im just a
    truck driver?

  • leo gicana  says:

    Chinese is greed nation they want more land & seas to conquer..
    we must take china before they take us..
    conquer china…… mabuhay ang pilipinas, mabuhay ang mga pinoy?

  • Vhading farmer  says:

    chinese think and believes that they discover the shoals and islets in the
    west pilippine sea because of their mongolian explorer hundreds of years
    ago (which if ur intelligent enough to know its a MONGOLIAN not chinese)
    and thats one of their solid basis for claiming it. Actually its the
    Malay-polenisians (ancestors of Filipinos,Malaysians. indonesians) who are
    the ultimate pioneer anh discoverer and use the islets an shoals 800 years
    before these greedy chinese assholes discover it. We are not stupid.we know
    our own history also and we do have our own basis of claiming it, thats why
    its in the arbitration case filed to counter their claims and protect our
    countries interest. btw the oil rich territory own by the Philippines is
    worth USD540 billion thats why their 50 year military policy is been
    carried out to feed their bloated military and their economy not to mention
    their evil governement. Even Buddha will smack his Palm to this greedy
    manipulative oppressive chinese govt. SPIT ON THE CHINESE GOVT FACE!!?

  • lockmeinparadise  says:

    People, people, notice, alert, alert, be for warn I had a dream maybe
    coming from bad imagination but I trust my senses its a bad one I dream of
    a hungry giant angrily looking for food to eat he is very hungry he has a
    big empty stomach to feed and he will eat are you superstitious well I’m
    not but I sense this as a bad dream or maybe just a bad imagination but I
    look at it as a warning sign or a bad omen for a possible imminent war
    looming around. For asean members I would seriously caution and inform your
    people for a possible futile war coming be ready, just be very ready and
    vigilant so war breaks loose you won’t be surprised and at least you had
    been warned.?

  • Lem Chang  says:

    Spratlys Islands are 300 miles from the Philippines and China almost 1000
    miles. How come China own this place? ?

  • BBradshawProductions  says:

    Next thing, China Eastern water extend to Califorina’s beach and China
    Western water extend to New York Harbor.?

  • ???  says:


  • u2bheavenbound  says:

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  • Joe Friendly  says:

    President Putin should continue to direct the world’s attention,
    particularly the people of the USA, to some truths about the USA: that it
    has been a force against democracy around the world, fooling its own
    citizens into believing it was promoting democracy as it defied and defiled
    International Law!

    He could point to the needless destruction by Evil Empire USA in Iraq,
    Afghanistan, Libya, Iran, Yugoslavia, along with Chile, Nicaragua,
    Venezuela, Granada, Panama, Guatemala, etc., and urge Americans to read
    books like William Blum’s Rogue Nation that Osama Bin Laden suggested would
    be a good book for US citizens to begin to wise up with, and I’d add Blum’s
    Killing Hope! as well, and other books like Confessions of an Economic
    Hitman by John Perkins.

    President Putin might be so bold as to point to the role of the US in
    breaking up the USSR as revealed on youtube by the late Sean Gervasi
    reporting Operation Full Court Press, the Reagan Administration plan to do

    But there’s an even heavier move he could make, urge the American People
    to wake up to how much their government is lying to them and the world
    about 9/11!

    He could bring his intelligence expertise to center stage and reveal the
    obvious, The US War on Terror is based on a fraud: the events of 9/11 were
    orchestrated by the US government, the 3 collapsed World Trade Center
    buildings taken down by controlled demolition, a Big Lie foisted upon the
    American People to instigate rule by fear, a Police State replacing Liberty
    and Freedom!

    He could urge the American People to wise up about 9/11 by watching some of
    the abundant online 911 truth videos, as on youtube’s 911TVorg and
    AE911Truth and see the need to replace a government that has turned against
    them, a sham democracy run by the rich.

    They need to start a new narrative led by anti-Establishment activists to
    peacefully replace their obsolete economic as well as governmental
    institutions so they actually serve the public and stop destroying our

    The proper way for the US to stop terrorism is to stop making people hate
    the US for their cruel actions. ?

  • Nunya Beeswax  says:

    You idiot commentators! Ukraine is fighting for FREEDOM and from
    CORRUPTION! When the Russians left, whoever was in charge of the electric
    company NOW owns it! The Government STOLE the country from the people and
    THAT is why the people are fighting the Government. You pay to get into
    office, so you can steal more and more from the country. People are tired
    of their country being looted by a few Politicians with no oversight at

  • ETHIO BABY  says:

    So Crazy how we sit down not doing anything about it.?..We all responsible
    for any person, country even any animals abuse! ……..We must Start
    protesting against any one that bring crime to corrupt Our lives….Soon or
    Later remember we all are human being…..We stand with Ukrainian people!!!
    God bless You guys and the struggle!?

  • rangi pohatu  says:

    This looks like a post card. Typical CNN propaganda. Ukraine stick with

  • L30p4rd73  says:

    Imagine you live in a neighbourhood that is now surrounded by the “hood”
    you have one neighbourhood left next to you that has not. What would you do
    This is how the Russians think the former USSR is now surrounded by pro
    “Western” countries and literally has the U.S on their doorstep. How would
    Americans think if Putin had slowly taken over states around Washington ?
    The Russians are not bad here they are trying to keep their identity, Yes
    they are dubious (the west is also very guilty of this too) but better the
    devil you know as the saying goes.?

  • Wayne Barrett  says:

    Once Islam has united with Russia and China, America realizes there is no
    way to save Europe or Japan or the UK. ?

  • Kolya Sizov  says:

    I can not understand
    Americans are stupid naive or idiots??

  • Janus Madsen  says:

    I think the most frightening thing here, is to see all these Russians that
    make comments on Youtube, that have such a dubious ideas on themselves,
    Russia, what a democracy is and are lack of knowledge of how things work
    outside Russia, like in the EU and the US.
    In a certain extend, I do not blame Russians as such, because of you look
    at the Russian media and even their books they get in school (yes I have
    read them). It is total brainwashing and depicts a surreal image of the
    world and has primarily one aim: To keep the power at Putin and his
    So allow me to clarify a few things.
    Russia is a de facto dictatorship. You can not say the same things as you
    can for instance in Europe. There are laws that systematically suppress
    parts of the population, political opposition and makes sure that if you
    oppose to Putin and his followers, you will pay a large price. Kremlin
    (Putin) controls the media and uses stately owned companies to bully
    neighbours and political adversaries. Russia also systematically violates
    human rights and also international law, as recently displayed in Ukraine.
    There is no difference as such between Russia and for instance Italy
    The Russian media also constantly states, well what ever critique there is,
    its Western propaganda (here US are targeted for some reason only). This is
    a very easy way to just dismiss qualified critique of a fundamental system
    that is undemocratic and surely enough, people simply put up this filter
    and says oh well it’s American propaganda so nothing is true in it. It is
    so selective and it simply makes people ignorant to outside factors and
    this is also one of the reasons why most Russians have no idea on how US
    work or how the EU works.
    Crimea is not Russian and Ukraine is a sovereign state, where Crimea is a
    part of. Historically, Crimean’s population was the Crimean Tatars, that
    was forcibly removed from Crimea during the previous dictatorship in
    Russia, led by Stalin. Russians are thereby a relatively new majority. They
    have a wide range of autonomy which is quite normal in other countries.
    There was also going to be held elections for even further autonomy, that
    now have been rejected by the Crimean Government, that actually is in power
    because of a coup backed by Russian forces.
    Speaking of coup, that is one of the arguments from various Russians, that
    the Government in Kiev, came to power because of a coup. That is not true.
    The Ukrainian Parlaiment (by majority vote), and as stated in the Ukrainian
    constitution, can depose the sitting President and so they did and must
    thereafter held scheduled elections. So has the Ukrainian Parlaiment done
    so, yet now Russian forces in the east blocks it.
    Russia has also signed a treaty in 1994, where Russia guarenteed not to
    under any circumstances to violate the sovereignity of Ukraine, in exchange
    for a handover of Ukrainian Nuclear weapons and to let Russia have the
    Sevastopol naval base. Russia has violated this treaty completely.

    When Russian media calls the Ukranian uprising as just neo-nazis and
    fascists – and the fact that many Russians believe this (It also reveals
    that very few know what nazism or fascism is). Both tells, that Russia has
    not really understood this at all. Janukovitch was deposed because he was
    corrupt and furthermore said no to a far better deal of free trade with the
    EU, based on democracy, human rights, exchange of research and so on and
    turned to Russia (Putin) for a very short sighted deal that in effect for
    real made Ukraine to a vassal of Russia. So people protested and so did the
    Ukrainian Parlaiment that then deposed the President.

    Then there is the argument, that well the US also went into Iraq for no
    reason. True and they surely also paid for it. but two wrongs, do not make
    one thing right and then gives a carte blanche to do the same in Ukraine.
    Besides, Ukraine is a democracy, Iraq was not and Russia is no democracy
    I have also seent he argument, that the EU has been “eating” East-European
    countries and thereby Russia “has to” go in to Ukraine to prevent Ukraine
    from becoming a part of the EU. It reveals that Russia/Russians can’t see
    that the countries joining the EU that was former vassals of the Soviets,
    did it voluntarily and can leave if they want. Upon entering, prosperity
    has grown considerably and if the countries had stayed out of the EU or
    even adopted a Russian doctrine, they would have been a lot poorer and
    undemocratic than today.
    EU is certainly not perfect, but it is a far better choice to be part of
    it, than to be out. Is it so hard to understand, that the Ukrainians wants
    to be free, have democracy a better and fairer life, than to live in a
    Semi-Russia, that have to have armed men to enforce its will?

    I do not mind Russians at all, but you really have to think more critical
    about your country’s actions, how Putin runs Russia and the fact that this
    could in the end, end in a massive conflict where the looser would be us
    all, yet the biggest would be the average Russian.
    I totally respect that you are not Europeans and have other customs,
    traditions and so, but you can not act like it was the past where you could
    get away with the order of the gun.
    I hop for a better Russia, for Russians most. ?

  • Mike Pieke  says:

    There must be territory swaps. Russia gets Crimea, and Ukraine gets

  • ArkTiger4c  says:


  • Carlos Hernandez  says:

    Can’t believe Putin would do this!?

  • shannon nom de plum  says:

    Long Live the Ukranian Fighters!!!!!!?

  • Shelby Hughes  says:

    CNN=COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK. I wouldn’t believe anything these communist
    Jews tell you!?

  • Robert Lauber  says:

    CNN crap ! listen up you fools the battlefield is not the streets of kiev
    the battle is in the south and east of Ukraine the Russian are coming and
    will not leave until the US backed Coup is wiped out and the US step back
    and if the US is not willing then you have closed all doors
    and opend the door to a new level of war fare against the US
    i call on the US to step back as long as you can before the first russian
    made missiles hit you hard?

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