IGN News – Sony Announces PSN Day 1 Digital Program

Click here for more details about The Walking Dead’s retail release: bit.ly Sony has announced PSN Day 1 Digital, a program that offers titles for download on PlayStation Network the same day theyre available at retail. Subscribe to IGN’s channel for reviews, news, and all things gaming: www.youtube.com TAGS: ign “breaking news psn” playstation “day 1” games game store “assassins creed 3” doom moh “medal of honor” nba 2k13 “need for speed” “most wanted” “resident evil” 007 dishonored bfg digital download news ign ignentertainment games gaming “video games” gameplay hd official 2012 “video game”

The Walking Dead: Game Ep 4 Trailer World Premiere bit.ly The Walking Dead game hits shelves in time for the holiday season, but there’s a new attraction at Universal Studios for those who can’t wait. Subscribe to IGN’s channel for reviews, news, and all things gaming: www.youtube.com Walking Dead Heads to Game Stores and Universal Studios TAGS: “walking dead” “walking dead the game” amc “walking dead the ride” shelves shelf episodes season halloween october december “dead inside” “universal studios” hollywood orlando news ign “breaking news” ign ignentertainment games gaming “video games” gameplay hd official 2012 “video game”
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42 comments to IGN News – Sony Announces PSN Day 1 Digital Program

  • DLK22  says:

    These days,? you mean boxes. Manuals are almost non-existent now.

  • DLK22  says:

    I own way to many PS3 games to be willing to download digital copies of. They’d take up WAY too much HDD space. If things were? all digital, we’d essentially be limited on the amount of games we could own. Kind of shooting themselves in the foot, really.

  • spyderken  says:

    Stupid question but doesn’t downloading the game from the store take up? more harddrive space then if you were to use a disc or is it the same?

  • TheTwinTowers  says:

    LOL.? I’ll get right on that…

  • Tavayneparkins  says:

    Will re? 6 be avalible at midnight

  • o0VicSoh0o  says:

    Yea, that too!
    But I also like to have something physical, like a box. Since I don’t sell my games, I like to keep them organized on a shelf. It’s something like a collector’s? feeling.

  • TheGaara587  says:

    Come on speak the truth, we all know its not the boxing and stuff… is the SMELL OF A NEW? GAME.. If you know what i mean

  • TheStarToad500  says:

    5 years ago… Blu-Ray? Disc player in this gaming machine now Digital Download -_-

  • guitarguru210  says:

    im sorry for his struggle, but he sucks at? his job.

  • conkerkillers4  says:

    That is one feature that I guess? is better about the consoles. And even then, you could just gameshare all your games on PS3.

  • kuranman  says:

    i agree with colin mass effect 3 is 50 pounds? but in store its 25 pounds

  • HardKore5250  says:

    No re for? vita?

  • xaviershark3  says:

    if u buy? a game digitally on a console its on a a harddrive and is encrypted with DRM where means u can burn it on a cd and lend your friends to play back on their console.

  • GGMairbornefeline  says:

    Then don’t buy games digital then… Steam has always had games on Day 1 of release and pretty? much every game still gets released in a retail box.

  • maddenchampion10  says:

    @KrinTheFox im scared they wont then im screwed out of the battlefield 4 beta which i know doesnt start to next year but i cant miss that..and plus there? are no details if it is or isnt so im stuck in the middle of digital and phiysical ..if you find details please reply back

  • KrinTheFox  says:

    Well, that honestly depends on what you’re using. PC digital downloads always get the pre-order bonuses, it’d be stupid for Sony to? not include those. Hopefully they’re smart enough to, lol.

  • Patamon246  says:

    Physical FTW?

  • 1GamingLegend  says:

    Fuck Digital Download.?

  • maddenchampion10  says:

    It is a tough choice between? digital and physical.. Digital you can share.. Physical you can’t.. Digital doesn’t get extra goodies like pre-order add-on goodies(bf4 beta, add-on missions ac3) and digital doesn’t.. I was sold on digital when I heard about it but now stuck

  • maddenchampion10  says:

    I didn’t think about that.. They are right.. I was pretty happy about digitally having the? games.. And also what about the add-on content that comes with pre-order @ gamestop like BF4 Beta that comes with MOH WF?? Anyone know how that works?

  • hollow44771  says:

    There should be a benefit for buying digital like the price are I dont know 49.99 or something,because if im paying 60 bucks i might as well buy it at a store atleast I’d? get a box with a pretty picture.

  • rukz1234  says:

    That’s true? the price of the game is to much

  • draikninja  says:

    Sony and Nintendo… different companies,same mistake…

    Please! Adjust the? Prices!

  • cyberhacks10  says:

    hey i gus i got $10 points in psn from watching? here

  • flytogoodTON  says:

    R.I.P carly and duck and duck’s mom?

  • TheElementalWizard  says:

    The Walking Dead “Ride” is actually A Haunted Maze For Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights.?

  • 013DISNEYFAN  says:

    and? i don’t mean that walk through crap i mean an actual RIDE RIDE

  • 013DISNEYFAN  says:

    OMFG WALKING DEAD THE RIDE HELL TO THE FRIG YEAH hope it comes to? universal i’ll be wating my butt off to ride it and it better have LEE AND CLEMMIE

  • Kickfootboss  says:

    Season 2!!!? Cnt wait?

  • otakon17  says:

    They originally said an episode a month. That is why I? bought the season pass. It has been WAY longer than that and my purchase has yet to be justified because of it. “Second season on the way!” basically when they are not even done with the first season at all. I know what goes into game development, from what I know of this they had the episodes done ahead of time or at least prepared. The series is 4 months behind schedule I should have spent that money on something else available instead.

  • Jonathan Tryon  says:

    ok so now lets get a release date for part 4 and 5. not? report about the disc that we all knew was going to be out this holiday season.

  • nonesta13  says:

    people only like the walking dead because there’s no other zombie shows on tv..seriously? its not even that good

  • kite mere  says:

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  • Ryan Neely  says:

    That sucks.? Telltale games have always been poorly programmed.

  • Ryan Neely  says:

    Five? more episodes.

  • Ryan Neely  says:


  • glitram  says:

    The walking dead game would of done way better if it had a costumizable system. You know change clothing, gender but? still have same background.

  • noah123king  says:

    It ain’t a ride it’s a maze. Come on Ign. Btw I went opening night o? hhn Hollywood.

  • Videogammer69  says:

    I can’t imagine Episode 4 and 5 not being? here before December 4th, it would be shitty on their part.

  • MasterCheif248  says:

    I thought i tried that before, but none the less i tried it again.
    Still didn’t work. I spent like 8 hours researching this and no one? could find a remedy. I appreciate the help but i don’t think i’m getting my saves back.

  • WolfNeonNinja  says:

    hopefully? they don’t take as long

  • TimeForZAA  says:

    Search in the start menu for “save_1.save” without the quotes and open the folder than has it. Copy everything in that folder, go to Documents, locate the Telltale Games folder, and open it. If there are already a The Walking Dead folder(s), rename them to something? else. Create new folder, name it “The Walking Dead” and paste what you copied over into it. Open the game and see if the game has your saves.

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