IGN News – Captain America Movie Update

IGN News - Captain America Movie Update

Actor Anthony Mackie will play Cap’s partner Falcon in the forthcoming sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Subscribe to IGN’s channel for reviews, news, and all things gaming: www.youtube.com TAGS: avengers “the winter soldier” news “captain america” “captain america the winte” “sam wilson” shield falcon “the avengers” “breaking news” marvel bucky cap “the falcon” “steve rogers” “bucky barnes” “anthony mackie” “jeremy renner” “ign news” ign ignentertainment games gaming “video games” gameplay hd official 2012 “video game”

21 comments to IGN News – Captain America Movie Update

  • alvaro alas  says:

    that is so wrong,they should have done cap american two before? they did the avengers

  • Captainamerica95  says:

    hahahaha sorry… getting to excited? I guess.

  • shadows1192  says:

    yeah but that was kind of a given because he is actually under contract? for a few more movies. =]

  • Timewarpiaman  says:

    They clearly put that subtitle there so all the marvel fans (myself somewhat included) would instantly know and everyone else would have this weird “I don’t get it” look please Marvel fans let’s not tell anyone. Watch them squirm and then realize they don’t actually give a fuck till the movie? comes out.

  • TheDarKKnight457809  says:

    If they have a third movie? it could be named the death of captain America and Bucky would become the new captain America just like in the comics and then it could show how all Heroes react to his death

  • videodownloader100  says:

    You’re wrong since it’s confirmed that? Sebastian Stan will be Winter Soldier/Bucky like in last Captain America Movie

  • kevinmejia13  says:

    its? tupac

  • MrBoSSmanBiGGs  says:

    Jermey reneer is the winter soldier and hawk eye.
    don’t hate me if? I’m right or wrong

  • 27BILLY99  says:

    Falcon kinda .. sounds? like vulture

  • BeverageBoy11  says:

    this is gonna be epic
    CAPTAIN AMERICA 2!!!!!!!?

  • balltomuch  says:

    Oh man I? wonder who the villain is?? Lol what a spoiling title

  • carpenterpimpo  says:

    Im soo excited for all? these marvel n man of steel movies!!!

  • michael perdomo  says:

    Oh my son? bucky is coming back

  • 619bil  says:

    If there was and Fantastic Four and Captain America cross over who would Chris Evans play…
    I think Captain America but? then who Who would play The Human Torch ???

  • TheCovertKid  says:

    Winter soldier, oh man buckys? back

  • nike60fan88  says:

    Falcon and Captain America Aswome
    falcon with the avengers? even better

  • OrcCommentaries  says:

    Thats the point.. God damnit.. Oh &? He is actually an amazing super hero with really good qualities.

  • xHp7Boii  says:

    Winter is coming!….. Sorry, slight? Game of Thrones fan here XD

  • Tullerman  says:

    Captain America has to be the worst super hero of all? time. The movie was nothing but good old american war propaganda

  • zpwnrman  says:

    The WINTER? soldier!!! REALLY???!!!!!

  • jontiways  says:

    …. Captain? falcon

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