Hamill Worries New Star Wars Won’t Live Up To Hype – IGN News

Mark Hamill has been talking about his return to the Star Wars universe, revealing that he thinks it will be hard for the forthcoming Episode VII to live up …
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SuperStars on Ice in Sapporo 2014?
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27 comments to Hamill Worries New Star Wars Won’t Live Up To Hype – IGN News

  • Frank Underwood  says:

    The Star Wars fan base will dislike it the most. No matter what you do,
    they find a way to reduce it to crap. The film could be Oscar worthy and
    still not have the support of its own fan base. Star Wars fans are not true
    to their own franchise, and rarely display enthusiasm for anything new.?

  • Brandon Tjon  says:

    ”Joker the son of vader”?

  • LukeMM95  says:

    Good thing I’ve got no hype for the film then. I mean seriously, do we
    really need another Star Wars film? Can Hollywood come up with something
    new for a change? I’m so sick of every big blockbuster nowadays being
    either a sequel, remake or adaptation.?

  • Allan D. Mendiola Baguinon  says:

    Search your feelings, Hamill. The force does not detect any disturbance
    since George Lucas was announced NOT to direct this new trilogy. ?

  • Paulo Seabra  says:

    What hype? The hype of everything being shit after Return of the Jedi? That

  • Gizmo Gates  says:

    Nothing ever lives up to it’s hype. I’m first by the way. U jelly??

  • Warrka4  says:

    It probably won’t. Star Wars is on to high a pedestal that nothing they do
    can live up to the expectations. Just look at Episodes 1-3, perfectly fine
    entries telling how everything started (CGI wasn’t done too well in episode
    1 but that’s not very big) but that didn’t stop the savage of fanboys from
    throwing a fit anyway. Same Thing will happen to this one. Simple answer is
    some people will never be happy or ever enjoy anything.
    Personally, I’m going to try and avoid story spoilers when it’s close to
    coming out and enjoy the film then see how I feel. I can’t wait, I’ve been
    a star wars fan since I was 2 and my dad showed me Episode 4 for the first
    time so coming this far and knowing how good Abrams is, I have no worries
    right now for the film.?

  • 14supersonic  says:

    I agree with him. Its probably not going live up to what we would com to
    expect, but more than likely its going still be pretty good. It’s like the
    Marvel cinematic universe, not every movie will be your favorite, but
    majority of them are good nonetheless. ?

  • Bradley J. Timm  says:

    Hammil’s a smart guy he probably notices that Abrams is a mediocrity
    machine. ?

  • 3000whateverman  says:

    mark hamill, you are correct. it won’t. ?

  • Brandon Witherspoon  says:

    These pretzels are making me thirsty.?

  • lordyrich  says:

    It wont. Not because it wont be as good as the first films but because we
    are all older and these sort of movies don’t have the same effect as they
    did on our child minds. ?

  • 12ealDeal  says:

    – No Jar Jar
    – At least SOME practical effects instead of CG.
    – Decent acting
    – A good story
    – Some adult themes, less kid pandering and shameless toy marketing
    And I won’t be disappointed.?

  • Ricardo Gasparini Lage  says:

    It wont. Because there is no hype at all. Disney’s Star Wars? LoL It’s not
    Star Wars… ?

  • George Barry  says:

    Star wars episide 3 was the best imo but i am also not old…?

  • robert whyte  says:

    god! they must all be like a million years old! espically harrison ford :S?

  • techmaniac1991  says:

    Good to hear hamil’s confidence about the new movie.?

  • ZarathenG918  says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me that star wars doesn’t live up to the hype. Every
    time something new comes out for star wars it fails because the fan are
    expecting to much. Look at TOR or the prequels, TOR is great game in it’s
    own way but that doesn’t mean it’s shit or it used ideas from other mmos.
    In my opinion the prequels are good movies some stupid parts but still

  • jedijohank  says:

    Who cares if im first ?

  • Axel Ryker  says:

    Of course it’s not going to live up to the hype.?

  • J39  says:

    People just can’t be satisfied. I personally loved all 6 Star Wars movies
    and hope the new trilogy’s just as good at least.?

  • nonchan yuzu  says:

    It’s so funny how “unknowledgable” these people are about skating and
    Yuzuru :P?

  • Ren Tan  says:

    I really don’t care that they’re fangirling.
    It doesn’t really matter who likes Yuzuru as long as they want to! 🙂 You
    guys should be happy they find him cute!

    And I have to say I’m super jealous of their private ice time!!! The ice
    looks super good!!! <3?

  • Artcika  says:

    jeez they acted like they’re watching porn or something xD and yeah half
    the time it was annoying _”?

  • 201katara  says:

    i just hope for his sake yuzuru didn’t see this.. especially from 2:35?

  • Ivy Huang  says:

    I heard “shoes” five times in 15 seconds. lol what is going on. OMG THE
    fangirling. ?

  • hotarub  says:

    Thanks so much for sharing!!!!!?

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