Farming Simulator 2013 – Garage Trailer Vehicle Showcase

Farming Simulator 2013 - Garage Trailer Vehicle Showcase

The latest trailer for the game of the year is here. I’ll be covering the A to Z when this game releases 🙂 More info at Today, the tractors, harvesters and other machines of Farming Simulator 2013 are rolling out of the barn and into action with an impressive video! This new trailer for the number one farming simulator shows off one of its most beloved features, the huge variety of vehicles and farming machinery, each faithfully reproduced from the original. All the biggest brands including Case IH, Deutz-Fahr, Lamborghini, Grimme, Amazon and many others are all featured in the game, offering players a large selection of vehicles and tools to drive and use. From tractors to harvesters, drilling machines to balers, and every other tool and vehicle imaginable, each category features a complete range of authentic machines, modeled and animated in accurate detail. In today’s video, players will discover a small selection of the game’s 130 vehicles and farming machines, all hard at work! Farming Simulator 2013 releases on PC on October 25th 2012, and on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in Q1 2013.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 5 / 5

29 comments to Farming Simulator 2013 – Garage Trailer Vehicle Showcase

  • mike Weatherly  says:

    it told? me this is for xbox?

  • darkeyesvids  says:

    Pc only? That sucks? …

  • peterplanet chen  says:

    More efficiency? and durability to your machinery.

    Shanghai KOCU Electromechanical Co., Ltd,

  • CrappyMadeCake  says:


  • CrappyMadeCake  says:

    im a redneck?

  • PavioKZ  says:

    Red Necks going wild in 3 … 2 …? 1 …

  • OscarAIho  says:

    Can you? grow cannabis?

  • TheGp55  says:


  • madmustang8  says:

    i have been looking and i havent seen john deere wth…but i guess case will do?

  • Aidan Carberry  says:


  • Abdullah Rowaished  says:

    What’s next? S** Simulator??

  • 420stamper  says:


  • Andrew Anderson  says:

    I always wanted to? kill plants

  • knis2me2  says:

    Am I? the only one that noticed it will be for Mobil ISO or Android to? Should deffinetly be a sweet game!

  • BeigeSponge  says:

    Robert!? Do prison architect 😀

  • holanoobs  says:

    Cant wait for the MLG? Playthoughs

  • CallOfGaming39  says:

    From the grammar of that comment, i’d think you couldn’t be any? smarter than? a hill-billy farmer, go have fun fucking your cows dumbass.

  • drowningcan  says:

    looks epic!?

  • Lucas Almeida  says:

    Now that’s a game I was wating for roberto to play?

  • nclark557  says:

    I live on? a farm, I work on a farm, I like this game cause I can farm with my friend who lives 2 and a half states away. Also you are right the graphics look awsome, but im pretty sure NASA wanted thier computer back after the trailer was made lol.

  • MrChriseyyy  says:

    Yea i have a? spare mill lying around i’ll just go buy one.

  • bisexm2011  says:

    yeah alot more? effort has been put in this.

  • DjTransilvania  says:

    make Corruptors and? BroodLords and fuck everything.
    ” fuck ” (ability).

  • huehuehueo  says:

    kinda greate? game !

  • Helwer2332  says:

    Theyve had rumors for HOTS release, ranging from Christmas to sometime? in 2014

  • TheSquidPartol  says:

    Heart Of The Swarm. The 2 expansions of starcraft anti coming for a while. So get? starcraft II. No word when the next expansion coming out

  • ACDinho80  says:

    idk whats HOTS is but tll me, i hear therre are 2 expansions for Starcraft 2.? do i have to get them ?

  • TheSquidPartol  says:

    i would get it. blizzard? have no idea when HOTS coming out. there still no beta

  • ACDinho80  says:

    I use to play starcraft way? back then and i loved it. But its just tht i hear there are 2 expansions to this game i must get. how much do they cost etc ? thats why idk if i should get this game

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