Destiny News! Live Action Trailer!

THE TRAILER IS NOW LIVE! WATCH IT HERE: Bungie’s Twitter: Destiny’s Twitter: https://tw…
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14 comments to Destiny News! Live Action Trailer!

  • Leon0090  says:

    Love that intro?

  • KlamShakes  says:

    well actually its says “This is the Law of the Jungle,? as old and as true as the sky. The wolf that shall keep it shall prosper but the wolf that shall break it must die. As the creeper that girdles the tree trunk, the Law runneth forward and back. For the strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack.” … so that means any one who goes “every man for himself” is gonna die or must die and that we should help each other to prosper in the harsh environments in Destiny.

  • Reece Manifold  says:

    you said at sony AND MICROSOFT have their pre E3 shows. so that says? to me that there will be some xbox one revile as well as 360. what do you think?

  • nathan zunich  says:

    or i might be, October 6th 2013 for? the realese date

  • Ryan McShane  says:

    Great vidoes? so useful!

  • carnage1171  says:

    This game comes out in dec 14 2014?

  • iumoh24  says:

    Ps3 n ps4 gets exclusive content of course there gonna show gameplay during sony conference all this was announced during ps4? reveal event feb 20 obviously just like cod ghost with xboxone since they get dlc first

  • sidney3808  says:


  • MySpeedIsTooHigh  says:

    Now, listen up, because this is? the important part ^

  • MiauFrito  says:

    Hey,? I heard your strength is your pack and you’re your pack’s strength

  • MiauFrito  says:


  • TDGnet  says:

    Although it’s short, this is the best trailer I’ve ever seen, that music is just AMAZING. Like mind blowingly good, amazing work from O’Donnell and team. Thanks for giving us all this amazing news Moreconsole. Bungie never fail to give us the? best of the best trailers!!!

  • Jayden Ibrahim  says:


  • Jonni Serrano  says:

    I Just saw it on an AD(:?

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