DermTV – Viewer Questions – August 2012 [ Epi #430]

DermTV - Viewer Questions - August 2012 [ Epi #430]

In today’s final segment of DermTV Viewer Question Week for August 2012, Dr. Schultz answers questions from users. Topics include: DIY vitamin c antioxidant, lemon juice, skin lightening, skin brightening, waxing, wrinkles, spray sunscreen, oil blotting paper, clogged pores, melasma, birth control, dermaplaning, exfoliation, and more! Connect with DermTV: [ABOUT DERMTV] Everyone can have beautiful, healthy, and younger looking skin, and DermTV, the Internet’s daily skincare video show, will demonstrate how by revealing expert tips and techniques and by providing real solutions for real skincare issues. Skincare (whether cosmetic or medical) previously required a trip to your dermatologist or a shopping spree at the pharmacy. And that’s if you have a trusted nearby dermatologist or a local informed pharmacy. But not anymore. We at DermTV are committed to making best-in-class dermatology and skincare guidance accessible to everyone, anytime, at your computer. Every weekday, our host, Dr. Neal Schultz, one of New York’s most trusted and respected dermatologists (see bio below), teaches skincare’s most timely and timeless issues. Topics include: the best at home techniques and new technology for facial rejuvenation, preventing and fixing sun damage from wrinkles to skin cancer, breaking news in dermatology, general skincare topics, and more.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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33 comments to DermTV – Viewer Questions – August 2012 [ Epi #430]

  • Gagan Preet  says:

    doc i am an asian i use? to? have a light brown skin i have used retinol to solve my acne but now my skin colour has gotten darker i can clearly see the difference between my body colour and face colour i have used hydroquinone an d arbutin creams but nothing help to completely solve it please help

  • JRxREplay  says:

    Dr. Schultz,
    I’m tired of avoiding products that contain mineral oil (since so much do contain mineral oil…)
    i thought you had talked about this ingredient in one of your videos. Did? you not?

  • Ilianavega  says:

    Dr. Schultz, I follow you on YouTube and find your channel very helpful, I love your videos.? What would you recommend for my dark spots that I have on my back due to acne? I hardly have acne problems but when I do, I always end with dark spots.

  • dermTVdotcom  says:

    For more information, see the DermTV episode “What Skincare Products Are Safe? During Pregnancy?” youtube(dot)com/watch?v=AYXjCqR3hjg

  • Sara Sidd  says:

    Can you use glycolic acid products? during pregnancy?

  • AuroraSnowflake  says:

    Now that is? what i call useful vids… <3 Thank you for all your effort making them! 🙂 Looking forward to your next videos! 🙂

  • nurita4  says:

    Dr. Chultz what would you recommend for hyper pigmentation on back due to acne. I have A LOT? of really dark spots/scars on my back because of acne. I still get some acne but it is the spots that really bother me. I use a 10% glycolic lotion and I exfoliate with a brush when I shower. I’ve used lemon,? hydroquinone creams and nothing seems to improve the spots 🙁 I really really hate them!

  • dermTVdotcom  says:

    Please contact? us through the Ask Dr. Schultz form and we would be happy to pass it along

  • saeefa  says:

    Hi Dr Schultz, im a huge fan and I like watching your videos as I find them very useful and informative, I wanted to ask is it ok to use more then one cleanser because I was? thinking about having a morning cleanser and a night cleanser

  • sony2612  says:

    hey? Dr.Schultz thanks for my question on lemons it was an eye opener 🙂

  • dermTVdotcom  says:

    For more information, see the DermTV episode? on the topic, “Dermaplaning” youtube(dot)com/watch?v=VuhRmPJitns

  • Magosienne  says:

    About spray sunscreen i simply spray the product in my hand until i get the right amount.? Then i apply it like a sunscreen coming from a bottle. After a while i know which quantity is sprayed each time and i can spray the sunscreen more effectively on my skin.

  • cammybee12  says:

    My question is about ? shaving the peach fuzz on my face. What are your thoughts on this?

  • leftyla  says:

    Doc, I just subscribed to your newsletter. Is there a way to get access to previous? Newsletters? I’d like to know more about DIY Vitamin C. I’ve been making my own Vitamin C serum and was surprised when you said they might not be effective!!

  • LucianaVIP1  says:

    Thank you so much for answering me!? During the first year I took 60mg everyday..after that I took 40mg for another year..then Roche labs gave me the medicine for free for 2 years (40mg) and they wanted to study “me” for being such an odd case..After these 4 years, doctors decided I should take it for the rest of my life (20mg)..So it’s been 16 years on 20mg.. Just quit to have children 13 years ago. :o(((

  • myslyslys  says:

    What’s your dose? I’ve heard that low-dosages can often not work? as a permanent solution.

  • LucianaVIP1  says:

    I’ve been taking Accutane for 20 years? (I’ll be 38 on the 26th of August)..if I stop, my skin gets comedones everywhere/one next to the other, and some inflamed cystic acne spots. I’ve had blood work for hormones, ovaries ultrasound done..nothing wrong with those. Why haven’t Accutane shrunk my glands for good? :o( And why is my condition worse nowadays than it was when I was 16? :o( :o(

  • LeCurlies  says:

    Hi Dr. Schultz, I have a scar on my arm from a burn (it’s been a year and it’s still not gone) How can I help it to fade? Or will it never fade because it’s still a red wine color? for a year now.

    And I would like to wax the hairs on my arms. It that possible since I have the scar? Will the wax irritate the scar? I’m afraid that It will.

    Please respond or address this in your video.

  • Michelle M  says:

    Thanks! I must have? missed this somehow

  • MakeupMuses  says:

    Dr. Schultz, can? you address pH and Glycolic, please.

  • templardude1  says:

    Does anyone need? another spoiler?

  • templardude1  says:

    Say that aging and I’ll spam every spoiler in? that exist! Nah I’m jk i can’t do that.. or can i @_@

  • templardude1  says:

    Sorry i spelled? john wrong.. my bad everyone.

  • ChUbYxRoCk3R  says:

    want a bass to? the face? xb

  • templardude1  says:

    want another? spoiler?

  • Wolfboss7  says:

    Since this is the 25th century she probably got it regrown through medical tech or the eye is some kind of new optical technology.?

  • theotherworld101  says:


  • david chambers  says:

    actually? the rig for isacs suit is the advanced miltary suit, theres different power nodes and different rigs for indication levels. his partner has a specific suit for the climate he saves isack in during one of the missions… btw did anyone notice in the dead space 3 trailer ellies eye is back after getting torn out in dead space 2

  • Ov3rKill089  says:

    its a diff suit -_-?

  • tplayplus  says:

    Why? is Carver’s rig blue when it’s full, does he have a modded rig, everyone else’s is green when it’s full

  • MrWatchmen759  says:

    pause at? 0:36 look like the nano suit

  • Nicholas Blauvelt  says:

    The multiplayer is optional you twat. Is anyone forcing you to? Then don’t play it. If you don’t then it removes the character from the? game completely.

  • jaydcisn  says:

    theres singleplayer mode too, without the drop? in drop out

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